September 05, 1977 12:00 PM

In that high school called Hollywood, parties are graded A, B and social Siberia, but manager-producer Allan (Survive) Carr may be the alpha and omega of that letter game. Recently, in what some jaded celebrants called his “Rolodex party,” the cherubic millionaire simply invited Ast, Pat through Lee, Michele the first night, and the rest of the astral alphabet the next. Most of the 400 guests who showed to housewarm his $1 million Malibu beach spread wore their beachcomber chic (Rona Barrett arrived in terry-cloth robe and diamonds). Others avoided each other like the red tide. Roman Polanski was shunned by Margaret Trudeau (at that point still on the arm of Perrier distributor Bruce Nivens), then himself shunned Anjelica Huston, who testified controversially in his recent rape case (she came with Brenda Vaccaro). Still, congenital host Carr (nicknamed “instant Elsa Maxwell” after subpoenaing guests to a bash for Truman Capote in an abandoned L.A. jail) seemed self-satisfied as ever by the event. “I invented glitter funk last year,” he said. As he’s always maintained, “I want to bring glamor back to this business.”

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