May 01, 1988 12:00 PM

Anwar Hussein has been shooting the royal couple for years, so he knew a wifely peck was coming after a 1985 polo match. “I knew [Charles] was going to win a…prize, but I didn’t expect that long kiss.” Neither, obviously, did the embarrassed Diana.

Diana was touring Spain last year when Glenn Harvey caught this encounter with some college minstrels in Salamanca. “It all just fell into place. You stand there, and all of a sudden the band steps into exactly the right location. A man got down on his knees and threw out the cloak. It was the only place for her to walk. It was perfect, though she always goes a bit red when she’s slightly flustered.”

Jayne Fincher rented a plane, then hopped into a borrowed car so she could shoot Diana and Charles in 1985 in the Outer Hebrides. “When I caught up,” says Fincher, “Charles said, ‘Where have you been?’ ” Adds Jayne: “You don’t see [Diana] dressed like that very often. She looked so happy. It was pouring, but her makeup was perfect and un-smudged. I looked a mess, as usual.”

“It was a bad day for me,” recalls Robin Nunn, who arrived late for the Ascot races in 1985, then discovered he’d forgotten his camera. He borrowed an old one from a pal and, when on a tea break later that day at a polo match, looked out on the lawn. There, he recalls, was “the future King groping the future Queen’s bum. It happened right in front of me. It was very unroyal.”

Even from the back, it couldn’t be anyone but. On his second trip to Australia, in 1985, Lionel Cherruault caught Charles and Di dancing long enough for him to shoot a whole roll of rug-cutting. “It just happens occasionally,” he says. “Everything jells, everything works. It was the most important picture of the whole trip—used big everywhere.”

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