November 03, 2008 12:00 PM

Breaking up two years after a lavish Costa Rican wedding might make the average gal fold. But despite splitting from Carey Hart, Pink (real name: Alecia Moore), 29—whose latest album, Funhouse, has already spawned a new hit, “So What”—declares, “My life is good!”

“So What” is No. 1 now, with lines like, “I guess I just lost my husband … I’m not gonna pay his rent.” Are you freaked out that fans have tapped into a personal part of your life?

“So What” is funny, at least to me. I think it’s No. 1 because people can’t believe what I’m saying, so they ask radio to play it again to be sure.

Carey is in the video. How’d that go?

We just laughed and rolled around like puppies. I love making fun out of painful times. It’s better than crying.

What’s your next video?

“Sober.” It’s an emotional song. One shot was rainy and maybe 30° at 1 a.m. in a forest near Stockholm. I was in nothing but a sheer gown.

Funhouse‘s lyrics are pretty pointed. Was Carey offended?

He doesn’t get to be! [laughs] He thinks it’s sentimental, overwhelming, funny—the reasons he loves me.

Why expose yourself on the album?

It’s cathartic. Happiness makes me useless. Anger and sadness are inspiring. I don’t have an edit button. I wish I did sometimes.

Where do you and Carey stand now?

We talk all the time. He’s my best friend in the world.

You were there for him when his brother passed away this summer.

They’re still my family. We’ll be in each other’s lives forever. That’s beautiful.

Then why split up?

What happened was between us. But it wasn’t a nasty thing. It was, “Let’s have babies one day, but not now. Let’s just be cool.”

How did you cope?

I went on motorcycle trips, paddle-boarded in Malibu and drank good wine with friends.

Your parents divorced when you were a kid. What did you learn from that?

Fight nice, because you can’t take back hurtful things. Relationships are about being friends. It’s Bonnie and Clyde—you against the world.

As a wife, what did you discover?

I’m a really good cook. I make homemade pasta. I go on cooking trips by myself to Indonesia, Tuscany and Cabo. I hang with the chef in the kitchen and drink wine. So fun.

Do you still believe in love?

Oh yeah, for sure. I’m still in love.

With Carey?

With him and … there’s no one cuter than Carey. I’m not looking for anyone else right now.

How does being single feel?

Really strange. I’ve been in two six-year relationships since I was 15.

Do you still want children?

I don’t think I actually have to have them. I rescue dogs. I feel like I would rescue kids that are already here.

So you’ll adopt?

Eventually, sure. I want to have 1,000 rescue animals and a big family, however that comes.

What’s next for you?

I’m learning guitar. Next I’ll try the violin. But my fingers need to heal first!

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