By People Staff
August 20, 1990 12:00 PM

Whether they’re haunted by Demi Moore‘s hairdo in Ghost or merely giving in to their hairdressers, some of the world’s busiest women are taking shortcuts this summer. In the midst of a heat wave in London and the Queen Mum’s birthday celebration (see page 104), Princess Diana changed the locks at the palace, sneaking off to trendsetting coiffeur Sam McKnight while her regular stylist was on vacation. Back in Hollywood, Julia Roberts had her curls lopped off, while Meredith Baxter Birney parted with her California-girl mane. The real trend in tresses, though, is change—sparked by one ambitious blond. “People are seeing Madonna change so much that they have to think about their own images,” theorizes Beverly Hills hairdresser Angelo di Biase. Take megamodel Linda Evangelista, who started the short-hair trend two years ago. Now she’s letting it grow because “everybody told me to keep it [short].” This shear madness may never end.