August 01, 1988 12:00 PM

The marriage of model Cheryl Tiegs and wildlife photographer Peter Beard ended in a beastly divorce after three years.

With no intention of riding off on his horse alone, singing cowboy Gene Autry, now 80, roped in Jackie Ellam, 46, and the knot is still tight.

It’s been a heavenly marriage for Guardian Angels Curtis and Lisa Sliwa. The secret, says Lisa, “is not to spend too much time together.”

The year’s second most celebrated wedding was Luke and Laura’s on General Hospital. They were parted for a time (she was kidnapped by Greeks), but they went together into the sunset (and off the show) in 1984.

No gold medals for Bruce Jenner in the wedding event. His second marriage, to Linda Thompson (Elvis’ ex-flame), lost its shine in 1985.

Family life is solid for Susan Saint James, Dick Ebersol, their son, Charlie, and her kids from an earlier marriage, Harmony, left, and Sunshine.

All right, maybe he wasn’t the world’s greatest drummer, but Ringo Starr is still keeping a steady beat with actress Barbara Bach.

Despite rumors of marital troubles and her miscarriage two years ago, Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen remain a very wedded item.

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