By Mark Gray
Updated June 16, 2014 12:00 PM


“They treat me like Elvis,” Stewart says of his Vegas fans. “And it’s a great place to party.” But even for a multiplatinum superstar, performing in front of audiences of 4,500 is stressful.”It’s not like a regular show,” Stewart, 69, says of his gig at Caesars Palace, which returns in September. “Sometimes there’s no energy, and you gotta work your ass off to get people going!” His secret weapon? The soccer balls he kicks into the crowd. “We’ve had a couple of broken fingers,” he says. “But they go mad for them.”

“Animals are unpredictable,” says Twain, 48, after posing with her beloved costar Rizonte. “But that’s why I love them.” Since her Vegas show began in 2012, the globe-trotting Canadian has found a new home. “It’s great coming here and not having to move every night,” says Twain. It helps that Las Vegas offers lots of diversions. “On Valentine’s Day my husband [Frédéric Thiébaud, 43] organized a surprise dinner at the aquarium,” she says. “It’s a unique town. You can do anything here.”


Wearing nothing but a Lanvin dress and a harness, Dion is being hoisted to the top of the hotel’s 18-ft. replica of Michelangelo’s David, and she has a concern. “Are my feet clean?” she asks with a laugh. While some stars might draw the line at acrobatics, the queen of the Strip – her show debuted in 2011 and is still packing them in – never even flinches when it comes to trying an over-the-top stunt. “I don’t like to do easy things. I like to do things that are hard,” says Dion, 46. “I want [my shows] to be very grand. And iconic.”


John is bringing his love of glitz to Fizz, the champagne lounge at Caesars Palace he opened with husband David Furnish. But while John still loves a Swarovski-crystal-bedecked cape, Furnish says the superstar’s life on the Strip is pretty domestic: “Vegas is the closest we get to a 9-to-5,” he says. Before John goes onstage, he does bath time with sons Zachary, 3, and Elijah, 1. Not that their life is spangle-free; Fizz, says Furnish, ” is an extension of the way Elton and I entertain at home.”