By People Staff
September 14, 1998 12:00 PM

Believe it or not, getting dressed is one assignment Ripley can’t handle. As the muscle-bound heroine of four Alien movies, Weaver managed to elevate the horror genre to something approaching art. But offscreen the 48-year-old actress pours her statuesque 5’11” form into dresses better suited to a B-movie queen. “She is one of our leading women in action movies,” says plus-size model Emme. “Why isn’t someone giving her good direction on how to dress powerfully, yet with femininity and style? It’s so sad.” Concurs designer Amsale: “She has so many beautiful parts of her body she should focus on. But I don’t think her clothes reflect her true personality.” Costumer Linda Serijan-Fasmer figures Weaver “must really be into clothes”—just the wrong ones. “Oh, my goodness! She has a no-go style.”