By Champ Clark
April 16, 2007 12:00 PM

You’d think it would be hard telling your dad you’ve been cast as a vixen in hot pants in a slasher movie. Especially if he’s Sidney Poitier. No sweat, says the icon’s daughter Sydney Tamiia, 33, who is stalked by psychopath Kurt Russell in Grindhouse. Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez directed the homage to sleazy exploitation films.

On her graphic new movie: “I’m a big Tarantino fan,” says Poitier, who appears in an ultraviolent segment directed by Tarantino. The film’s explicitness, she adds, is simply meant to evoke B movies of yore: “Everything is meant to be racy and titillating.”

On whether Dad approves: Although he encouraged her to “go for it,” her 80-year-old father balked when he visited her before her audition. “Quentin wanted me to wear these tiny shorts,” Poitier says. “I asked [Dad] what he thought. He walked out saying, ‘I can’t handle this!'”

On growing up Poitier: “By the time I came along, my dad wasn’t working as much, so he was home a lot,” says the youngest of Sidney’s six daughters (Mom is former actress Joanna Shimkus, 63). Her famous dad wanted her to become a writer, but changed his tune after seeing her in an NYU student play. “He told me, ‘You can do it,'” says Poitier, who went on to land a role on Joan of Arcadia.

On Kurt Russell’s advice: Marriage isn’t a priority for Poitier, who lives in L.A. with her boyfriend, musician Dorian Heartsong. “I had a talk with Kurt Russell. He and Goldie Hawn are like, ‘Let’s just keep having fun.’ I feel the same way!”