Sheryl Crow opens up her Nashville farmhouse to reveal the inspiration behind her new clothing line

By Marisa Laudadio
September 10, 2008 12:00 PM


With more than 100 square feet of space, Sheryl Crow‘s closet is big enough to make any Sex and the City character squeal with envy. But instead of designer gowns and sky-high heels on its floor-to-ceiling shelves, the musician’s closet is stacked with vintage T-shirts and vests, a cowboy boot collection (including the Dingos she’s had since she was 14) and more than 36 pairs of jeans. “My style is very Americana,” says Crow, who shares her Tennessee farm with her 15-month-old son Wyatt, 16 horses, and two blond Labradors, Flossy and Rex. “I feel my best when I put on a great pair of jeans with a cool jacket. That seems to be my staple.”

Crow’s trademark dressed-up denim style is the catalyst for her latest project—a clothing line called Bootheel Trading Co., available at Dillard’s department stores in August. “My inspiration was my own closet. I have an incredible amount of vintage that I’ve collected over the years,” explains Crow, 46, whose line includes jeans, vests and T-shirts. “My friends back home don’t want to spend $250 for a pair of jeans. I wanted a line that was affordable to everybody.” (Prices range from $29 to $69.)

While Crow’s oldest friends live in the Midwest and L.A. (“I still have one leg out there,” she says of the city she called home for more than 20 years), she now counts fellow moms like Faith Hill and Sara Evans among her circle of friends in Nashville. “It’s great to have someone I can bounce concerns off of, get advice from, and share stories with,” says Crow, who bought her farm in 2006 while battling breast cancer. “Then I had a new baby coming and wanted to be near my family, near my roots. I’m so happy I moved here. I just feel so peaceful.”