December 12, 1988 12:00 PM

Our judges were not uniformly unCheritable. Tucker and Downey saluted this novel navel maneuver, but Costa thought the actress’s Oscar night getup “in poor taste,” and Cole concurred. Flo-Jo complained, “Nothing is left to the imagination.” ALF offered the bare truth: “She has finally found a way to stay off the worst-dressed lists: not wearing clothes.”

Most judges yawned at the attire of One Life to Live’s Andrea Evans. But Costa raved: “I think it’s divine; the effect is great.” Downey laced into her: “Pretty outfit. What’s the dress look like?”

Bianca Jagger’s shock frock earned a split decision. “Absolutely brilliant,” raved Westwood, while Tucker tsked: “Doesn’t cut it.” Flo-Jo wondered: “Is she working for a magician in a Vegas act or what?”

Raquel Welch’s motives were too transparent for our judges. Costa was divided: “I love the silver fox, but I question the nipple showing through.” A modest Flo-Jo declared, “I would wear a bra.” ALF growled, “Eighty-six the ocelot, babe.”

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