January 10, 2011 12:00 PM

Laeresa Harris • 25

Stephen Oden • 25

In the four years since the L.A.-based pair met at Universal CityWalk, they’ve indulged in her vices (buffets) and his (chicken wings). But Oden is determined to keep both of them on track to lose 50 to 60 lbs. each: “We need to get in shape so we can live long lives together.”

NOW 214 LBS.

NOW 266 LBS.

Allison Skinner • 28

David Young • 27

“I have no willpower,” admits Skinner, a single mom to Sophia, 5. It doesn’t help that for dinner, “instead of cooking half a pound of pasta, I’m like, ‘Cook two!’ ” says her fiance. Now the bride is ready to cut her portions: “I’d love to have pictures where I’m fit-not ones with a double chin.”

NOW 168 LBS.

NOW 259 LBS.

Taylor Sbordone • 24

Peter Grieco • 28

“We’re not active,” says Grieco, who met Sbordone in 2008 playing the online game Final Fantasy XI. But the Texas couple are ready to take action. “I’m going to get fatter unless I change,” says Sbordone. Adds Grieco: “We want to do this for us.”

NOW 207 LBS.

NOW 235 LBS.

Lindsey Posey • 24

Chase Yancey • 25

She gained the “freshman 35” in college. He put dreams of being a police officer on hold because he couldn’t pass the physical test. Now the couple vow to get healthy for the future. Says Yancey: “I want to run around with my kids.”

NOW 314 LBS.

NOW 199 LBS.

Laura Martyn • 27

Austin Blythe • 26

With their jobs (he’s a sous chef; she’s a bartender), the Champagne, Ill.-based duo relies on a lot of late-night pizza dinners. “When we get home, I don’t want to cook!” says Blythe. Now they hope to lose a total of 110 lbs.: “We can do this!” says Martyn.

NOW 269 LBS.

NOW 198 LBS.

Dawn Pino • 28

Adam Fresquez • 31

“I used to wrap my upper body and tape my breasts down,” admits the groom, who hopes to shed his insecurities on the show-and 60 lbs. “Confronting our issues is going to be the hardest part,” says Pino. “But we have to change our lives.”

NOW 178 LBS.

NOW 234 LBS.

Valerie LaSala • 24

Dave Joyner • 28

Throughout their three-year relationship, she’s been the go-getter. “I joined the gym and wanted him to come,” says LaSala. Still, she says, “Ice cream is my weakness.” Now both are ready to bag their bad habits. Says Joyner: “We want to start a new life together.”

NOW 250 LBS.

NOW 367 LBS.

Ginny Pitrie • 27

Marc Lundrigan • 37

The bride-to-be’s weight has fluctuated over the years, but Lundrigan, who underwent male breast reduction surgery in March, says, “I’ve been heavy my whole life.” Each hopes to lose 50 lbs. before their July nuptials. Says Pitrie: “My goal is to get into a bikini!”

NOW 235 LBS.

NOW 187 LBS.

Samantha Faulder • 22

Brooks Houser • 23

“We eat at home, but we eat the wrong things, like frozen dinners,” says Faulder. Plus “our portions just got bigger,” says Houser. But the Ohio natives want to downsize for their reception. “I plan on dancing the entire night,” she says. “I don’t want to get out of breath!”

NOW 314 LBS.

NOW 218 LBS.

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