By People Staff
October 25, 1993 12:00 PM

STYLE STRENGTH: Fearlessness

BASIC INSTINCT: Long, lush, languid

First attracting attention for what she wasn’t wearing, there’s more than a Sliver of truth that Sharon Stone is a knockout fully dressed too. She’s “much more sensual with her clothes on,” said Mark Rydell, director of Stone’s upcoming Intersection. The 35-year-old actress favors 28″-waist Levi’s and floor-dusting Vera Wang gowns, like the $12,000 satin one she wore to the Oscars. She’ll pair a plain T-shirt with a Valentino suit and, with her broad shoulders and long arms, covets men’s shirts, which she thinks look great straight out of the dryer, all wrinkled. “I was never much of an ironer,” she says. Stone also treasures scarves, her passion undiluted by the fact that in 1992’s Basic Instinct, a scarf was an accessory to murder. (Sales of the white silk Hermès scarf billowed after Instinct opened.) But bouts of closet indecision plague her: “You can’t imagine how you could’ve had on 65 different things in 20 minutes,” she admits. “I do that when I’m having very bad PMS.” But when she heads to the altar at some future date with her fiancé, producer fm Bill Macdonald, Stone knows she’ll wear something by Wang, who, she says, “makes the most beautiful wedding dresses, period.” Is there anything she wouldn’t be caught dead in? “Me?” she hoots. “I have no shame.”