December 02, 2002 12:00 PM

Johnny Depp
’87 The actor made a clean-cut debut as a high school narc on 21 Jump Street ’93 Depp’s dark side began showing ’95 A year after his arrest for trashing a hotel room (charges were later dropped), Depp favored the brooding bad-boy look ’96 While dating Kate Moss, Depp seemed a little waifish himself ’99 Living in France with singer girlfriend Vanessa Paradis and newborn daughter Lily-Rose, Père Depp went boho ’01 Was playing a drug dealer in Blow that hairy? ’02 Shorn and clean-shaven, Depp, now the father of two, is on the rise once more.

Lenny Kravitz

’89 Coinciding with the release of his debut album, Let Love Rule, Kravitz’s Superfly style was a hit ’91 Jackie O sunglasses on a guy? O yeah. ’93 Dipping low the year of his divorce from actress Lisa Bonet ’97 Back on track while working on his fifth album, 5’98 Unfortunately he snipped off his dreadlocks because “they contained too much bad energy,” he said. ’01 Another single (“Again”) and another look—this time a great one ’02 He won his fourth Grammy in February, but these cornrows failed to chart ’02 Proof that sometimes it’s best to just go with the ‘fro.

Keanu Reeves
’89 Whoa! Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure put a boyish Reeves on the map ’91 But his hair was heinous for the film’s sequel ’92 Same hair (and same jacket) while making Bram Stoker’s Dracula ’94 A sleeker, cleaner image, plus a few more muscles (“I didn’t want to be cut, but I wanted to have somewhat of a beefy aspect to my chest and arms,” he said) helped Reeves pick up some Speed ’97 He remained at full grunge after a 50-stop summer tour with his band Dogstar ’01 Playing Hardball, Reeves hit a grand-slam homer with a closer shave ’02 He has been happily keeping up appearances while shooting the two Matrix sequels in Australia.

Brad Pitt
’91 Yee-haw! A hunk is born in Thelma & Louise ’94 Not that his Interview with the Vampire look bit, but…’95 He had it all in Legends of the Fall ’97 The star grew blonder during his Seven Years in Tibet ’00 Crowned a second time ’02 Brad, is that you? ’02 Phew!

Leonardo DiCaprio
’92 Going through Growing Pains ’93 On the rise and giving an Oscar-nominated performance in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? ’97 A heartthrob of Titanic proportions ’00 A tad washed-out in The Beach ’01 This can’t be our Leo! ’02 Catch him if you can; this year the man is back on top.

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