September 20, 2004 12:00 PM

Zellweger, as Bridget, takes solace in a pint. “The first film is about the fantasy of a relationship, and this one is about the reality of it,” says producer Eric Fellner.

Bridget strips down for a tumble with her ex, Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant). “She’s wearing some good underwear,” promises Fellner.

Bridget’s pals (from left, Sally Phillips, Shirley Henderson and James Callis) console her with chocolate. Director Beeban Kidron says Zellweger’s weight gain for the role “was very properly done, and she had it worked out with a nutritionist.”

Zellweger is back in the arms of Mark Darcy (Colin Firth). “It was a difficult thing to follow the first Bridget,” says Kidron. “It wasn’t only a very successful film, but also a very loved film.”

Grant, as Daniel, grins at Bridget in a scene shot in Thailand. “He’s back and bad and charming as ever,” says Fellner.

“Thank God Renée is a good skier, because what she did verged on stunt work,”says Kidron.

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