November 28, 2011 12:00 PM

“People with attention deficit disorder. I find it incredibly frustra …”

Ryan Reynolds

“I like when the fog rolls in, and it’s completely overcast and gloomy.”

Patrick Dempsey

“I get bored very quickly. I don’t like small talk. I have never understood it.”

Simon Cowell

“My wife says I’m in a bad mood when I’m hungry. And setting clocks ahead or behind in the spring and fall. What’s the point? I’m always really early or really late for a good week after any time change.”

Josh Duhamel

“Whenever I question what kind of a world my 2-year-old is going to grow up in. The economy, the environment, the politics. For his sake I hope we can get it together.

That and knowing that I’ll never, ever, ever dunk a basketball.”

-Taye Diggs

“Traffic, cold eggs, that one guy at the party who has the ‘new app’ and has to show it to everybody, traffic, restaurants that don’t do free refills and traffic.”

Justin Timberlake

“Quite simply, it’s if I get overtired or hungry. Every time I stay up late-beyond 2 o’clock, I feel like a switch goes off.”

Hugh Jackman

“Banality, mediocrity and the lack of intelligence and sense of humor. But what really makes me grumpy is when I find myself behaving as one of the above.”

-Antonio Banderas

“Corporate lobbyists, Codependent love songs, Dentists with halitosis, Teachers with no pay, Mortgage scams with no prosecutions, Guys trying to shake my hand in the men’s room, Suicide bombers, Slow Internet service, Insomnia, Anyone praying for my salvation, Empty milk cartons left in fridge, The erroneous drug war, The total cost of life and limb in the name of 9/11, The loss of [motorcycle racer] no. 58, Marco Simoncelli-my love and respect to the family.”

Brad Pitt

“I’ve always thought that I had the perfect hair to play Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island. But now that I’m too old to play him, I feel that my hair has been wasted! Keeps me awake at night, man!”

-James McAvoy

“Questions about being broody and moody-no, just kidding. I’m not so moody.”

George Clooney

“Faith and I have three daughters. I spend a lot of time on the couch watching TV while waiting for the four women in my house to get ready to go anywhere! The upside is that they always look absolutely lovely!”

Tim McGraw

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