By People Staff
Updated March 28, 2005 12:00 PM

HOMETOWN: Nether Compton, England

LATEST GIGS: Bruce Willis‘s kidnapped wife in Hostage and a shady businesswoman on the WB series Summerland

SISTER OF: The English Patient actress Kristin Scott Thomas

•Bonding with Bruce’s daughter: The actress and her onscreen kid Rumer Willis, 16, spent their scenes “tied up and gagged and chucked around,” says Scott Thomas, 43, whose own daughter Tallulah, 8, shares a name with Rumer’s little sister. “It was horrible. So Rumer and I giggled furiously. It was the only way to get through it.”

•Never say Di: The former model’s résumé includes playing Bond girl Molly Warmflash (in ’99’s The World Is Not Enough) and Princess Diana as a “bulimic, suicidal nutter” in a 1993 TV movie. “The tabloids were always knocking at my door, even years later,” she says. “When she died, people gave me their condolences. It was very strange.”

•Sibling rivalry? The L.A. resident says there’s little competition between her and Kristin, 44. “We’re so different that we’d never vie for the same role,” says Serena, who was recently divorced from her husband, litigator Scott Tepper, 59. Still, “we talk all the time. As we’ve gotten older, we’ve bonded more because we have more to share.”