September 18, 1989 12:00 PM

In spring a young person’s fancy turns to thoughts of love; thoughts of lawyers, current events strongly suggest, tend to pop up sometime around Labor Day. Britain’s Princess Anne and Mark Phillips (see page 114) aren’t the only famous duo who’ll face the fall apart. Within the past two weeks, the UnCupid has also uncoupled the following five celebrity pairs:

Harry Hamlin and Laura Johnson

When PEOPLE named Hamlin 1987’s Sexiest Man Alive, he also sounded like a contender for the Most Happily Married Guy Alive. “We’re like Mutt and Jeff,” he said of his relationship with Johnson, then 28, an actress who had appeared on Falcon Crest “We spend hardly any time apart That could be the key to a successful marriage.” Johnson sang the same tune. “He is very, very romantic,” she said. “Women spot Harry and make their way over to our table. You wouldn’t believe the claws and fangs.”

Perhaps the battle became wearying. Rumors had recently sprung up that there was trouble in paradise. Although his publicist declared on Aug. 31 that “the marriage couldn’t be more solid,” Hamlin, 37, filed for divorce the next day.

Dorothy and William LeBlond

President George Bush, says a usually reliable source, is “bummed out” that his only daughter, Dorothy “Doro” LeBlond, has split from her husband, William, 32, a building contractor who lives in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The couple, who have two children, Sam, 5, and Ellie, 2, apparently had been having difficulties for months; Doro quit as bookkeeper at William’s business, and he failed to show at Doro’s 30th-birthday party at the Bush compound in Kennebunkport. News organizations sat on the story of the split until the Associated Press ran it Aug. 29. “Nobody was willing to alienate the Bush family,” says an insider.

Billy Idol and Perri Lister

The loose-lipped Idol and his lovely lover never bothered with a wedding, white or otherwise. Idol, who penned his own breakup announcement, says, “I’ve got a rock-and-roll life-style and Perri’s got a burgeoning acting career. When I was home, she was working. When she was home, I was at the studio…. It is an amicable split, and we are sharing the responsibilities of raising our son [Willem Wolfe, 15 months].” Daddy, whose rock-and-roll life-style is nothing if not flexible, is dating actress Maria Conchita Alonso.

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Arden

Bat-biting rocker Osbourne—who has his wife’s name stenciled on his shoulder—may soon have a chance to get a genuine jailhouse tattoo. On Sept. 2 the singer was arrested in England on a charge of threatening to kill his wife. Osbourne publicist Roland Hyams sounds glum. “All I can say is that Sharon will not be dropping the case,” says Hyams. “This time he went off the deep end far more than he ever has before.”

John Mellencamp and Vicky Granucci

After eight years of marriage—the last two in trial separation—Granucci, 30 (with daughter Teddy Joe, now 8), filed for divorce in Bloomington, Ind. “If you’re in a rock band, temptation is there all the time,” Mellencamp, 37, said recently. “Finally she said, ‘John, this barbarian attitude of yours is going to have to change.’ ” Apparently it didn’t. But he still has Vicky’s portrait tattooed on his right shoulder.

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