By People Staff
April 12, 2010 12:00 PM



Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera, who lent her voice to the new animated movie How to Train Your Dragon, took part in a promotional event for the film in New York City’s Times Square on March 23. Of her character Astrid, Ferrera told, “She’s sort of the rough-and-tumble, tomboy, butt-kicking Viking, and she’s top of her class, fated to be the best dragon slayer of her generation.”

1. The horn on the hat of the Viking, far left, has shifted direction.

2. The “R” in the billboard to the left of the Viking is now a “B.”

3. The circular decoration on the sash of the Viking, second from left, is smaller.

4. On Ferrera’s scarf, a white stripe is now green.

5. The right sleeve of the shirt of the Viking, far right, is longer.

6. He is now giving the thumbs-up.

7. An “x” on his vest is now a cross.

8. There’s a stud missing from the neck armor he’s wearing.

9. His beard is shorter.

10. The date on the billboard next to that sign is now April 3.