August 24, 2009 12:00 PM


Entourage star Jeremy Piven, 44, jumped into the ring with wrestler John Cena, 32, while guest-cohosting WWE’s Raw on Aug. 4 at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. But Piven’s stint as a wrestler was short-lived: He bowed out after being spun around several times by Cena. Said the actor: “It was the most high-energy immediate gratification that I’ve ever felt.”


1. Piven’s left arm is lower.

2. The concrete over the exit on the upper deck is taller.

3. Section 110 is now 108.

4. The red towel on the upper-level rail is longer.

5. There’s a yellow light on the left side of that rail.

6. The banister in the lower right-hand corner is gone.

7. One of Cena’s wristbands is missing.

8. His upper-belt design is different.

9. The sign to his left has gone from yellow to blue.

10. On the lower deck, a woman behind the last row, to Cena’s left, is missing.

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