February 02, 2009 12:00 PM


Lance Armstrong, 37, got back into his bike gear, logging training hours in Adelaide Hills, Australia, Jan. 13. The cancer survivor-activist and seven-time Tour de France winner—who retired from professional cycling in 2005—will mark his return by competing in the six-stage Tour Down Under, which kicked off Jan. 18.



1. The black and gray colors on the camera lens, left, have been inverted.

2. The woman’s socks, left, are now higher.

3. The man in yellow is missing his camera flash.

4. That camera now has a blue strap.

5. Lance’s helmet is sitting lower on his head.

6. The emblem on the side of Lance’s shirt turned 90 degrees.

7. The microphone, center, has shifted.

8. The front wheel on Lance’s bike is all black.

9. The seat on Lance’s bike has a new shape.

10. The band around the man’s hat, top right, is thicker.

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