By People Staff
December 15, 2008 12:00 PM


Brooke Burke and her ballroom partner Derek Hough captured matching mirror-ball trophies on the Nov. 25 finale of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars when they nabbed the top prize in the show’s final dance-off. When host Tom Bergeron asked how it felt to win, Burke, 37, who has been praised by the judges for her skill and grace, exclaimed, “Unbelievable!”



1. Derek Hough’s collar has been moved.

2. A portion of the drapes on the right side of the picture is shorter.

3. Brooke Burke’s left earring is missing.

4. A finger on Hough’s left hand has been straightened.

5. The pattern on Burke’s dress is extended.

6. On Burke’s trophy the first “s” in “stars” is gone.

7. Hough’s tie is shorter.

8. The text no longer appears on the plate of Hough’s trophy.

9. Hough’s mic has been removed.

10. A knob has been added to the red wall in the background.