By Champ Clark
Updated March 05, 2012 12:00 PM

For years people tried to get Scotty Bowers to tell his story. Society chronicler Dominick Dunne kept a notebook on him; playwright Tennessee Williams even typed up a synopsis. “He made me look like a mad queen flying over Hollywood, so I said, ‘Tennessee, forget that,’ and he cried,” Bowers says. “I would never have told it when people were still alive.”

But boy, is he spilling secrets now. In Full Service, his astonishing new memoir, Bowers, 88, describes the decades he says he spent providing sexual favors for stars, arranging hookups for or sleeping with everyone from Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy to Cary Grant, Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier. Is he for real? “You don’t dream things like that,” he says, and author Gore Vidal, a friend since the 1940s, backs him up: “Scotty doesn’t lie.”

A World War II vet, Bowers settled in L.A. in 1946, working as an attendant at a gas station not far from Hollywood’s big studios. Eventually he let it be known that for $20 extra, his services could include more than pumping gas and washing windshields. The procuring, which came later, was free. “Word got around,” he says. “Before long I had a booming business.”

Now retired, he lives in the Hollywood Hills with Lois, his wife of 27 years. He says that before he wrote his book, she didn’t know about his colorful past. “I guess you could say she’s a little surprised.” But he has no regrets. “I liked,” he says, “seeing people happy.”