January 27, 2003 12:00 PM

When Jennifer Connelly and onetime costar Paul Bettany contacted West Hollywood jeweler Neil Lane about creating a pair of platinum wedding rings last summer, Lane knew immediately the pair had something beautiful in mind. “Other designers had been sending them big rings, thinking, ‘They’re Hollywood movie stars,'” says Lane. “But I knew all they wanted was a beautiful, simple design. She definitely didn’t want a huge rock.”

In the end, simplicity—not to mention secrecy—won the day. Connelly, 32, and Bettany, 31, traded vows at a rented Scottish manor on New Year’s Day. Dressed in matching black—she in a strappy gown, he in a pin-striped suit—the pair appeared before 14 friends and family members in the candlelit music room of the 1,000-acre Gilmerton House estate near Edinburgh at 5:30 in the evening. A local minister conducted the ceremony, during which Kai, Connelly’s 5-year-old son with New York City photographer David Dugan, behaved like “an absolute delight,” says host Sir David Kinloch, 51, whose family has owned the property since 1655.

Connelly’s new father-in-law, actor Thane Bettany, told Britain’s Sunday Express that privacy had been a priority for the couple, who met on the Beautiful Mind set in 2001 but didn’t begin their romance until several months later, following Connelly’s split from actor Josh Charles. It was the first marriage for both, although the Oscar-winning Connelly had previously been engaged to actor Billy Campbell (Once and Again). “Jennifer was delighted with the idea of a Scottish wedding,” said Thane. “We had a wonderful time. It was really a family celebration.”

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