May 08, 1995 12:00 PM

TWO WORDS ARE OFTEN USED TO DESCRIBE SCOTT Wolf of Fox’s family drama Party of Five: “Tom” and “Cruise.” Consider the compact, athletic build (Wolf is 5’8″ and 150 lbs.), the set of his jaw, the mischief in his boyish smile. “Scott and Cruise do have many similarities,” concedes Wolf’s mother, Susan Enowitch (who was divorced from his father, health-care executive Steven Wolf, in 1973). “Except I think Scott’s better-looking. But, of course, I’m his mother.”

On the acclaimed but under-watched series, Wolf plays Bailey Salinger, a 16-year-old orphan. As it happens, Wolf is 26, though you can’t tell by looking at him. “I was always considered cute,” admits the New Jersey-reared graduate of George Washington University. “But it was in a way that a guy doesn’t want to be cute. When I was 13, I looked like I was 8.” won altitude mirrors his image. “Scott doesn’t have that brooding-young-actor mentality,” says Megan Ward, who played his drug-addicted girlfriend on the series. “There’s nothing about him that’s affected.” After a six-month engagement to Who’s the Boss? star Alyssa Milano that ended amicably last year, Wolf is unattached—and his teenage fans couldn’t be happier. The most unforgettable letter, he recalls, came from a girl who wrote, ‘ “I never do this, but I love you so much. You’re the cutest guy I’ve ever seen. Please send me an autographed picture.’ Then I looked at the. top and saw that it was made out to seaQuest star Jonathan Brandis!” Oh, well. At least she didn’t mix him up with you-know-Cruise.

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