January 30, 1989 12:00 PM

Scott and Matthew Higa are your average kids—109 and 106 averages, to be exact—but a better matched set of pint-size keglers America probably can’t boast. At age 7, the 4′, 50-lb. fraternal twins have already been bowling for four years, winning more than 40 trophies in San Francisco league play during their short careers.

“It’s hard to get them up for school, but for bowling on Saturday morning it’s no problem,” says dad Tom, 49, dealer of a San Francisco Chevron filling station, who can take some credit for that attitude himself. The boys, after all, inherited their love of bowling from their parents, who are league regulars and first took the tots along at age 2. Soon Scott (he’s the older by two minutes) and Matthew began practicing at home with a plastic toy bowling set. At age 3, they enrolled in a tiny tots league at Serra Bowl in suburban Colma. By age 5, each had bowled his first 100-point game. Last year they switched from their waddle-to-the-foul-line-and-shove-with-both-hands style to a standard one-armed delivery of the 10-pound ball. Although neither second grader can yet keep score, they both keep an eye on the bottom line. “One of their greatest pleasures is beating me on the lanes,” says mom Judy, 34, who works as her husband’s bookkeeper.

On an off day Matthew might pummel the wall with tiny fists. Scott may throw up his hands in exasperation. But, notes their mom proudly, “they don’t cry.” Ask who’s the better bowler, though, and the brothers squeal in unison, “Me.”

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