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As she gets ready to have her first child with Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis (on July 26 and, inset, with Kutcher on July 29) “feels really lucky,” says an insider close to the pair. “Almost every day they’re making preparations,” says a source. “They want to make their new house as baby- friendly and safe as possible. There are a lot of baby items delivered.” With their little girl due soon, the jungle-themed nursery is ready for action. “It has lots of animals and very sweet decor,” says the insider. “It’s cute.”

Kunis, 31, is “feeling good, and things are going smoothly,” adds the insider. Kutcher, 36, can’t wait to be a first-time dad. “Ashton is superexcited,” says his Two and a Half Men costar Jon Cryer. “He has been excited every time we had a child actor on the set. He loves kids and could not be more stoked to have a child. He’s had sort of a shadow fatherhood in his relationship with [ex-wife Demi Moore] and Demi’s kids, but this is his chance to start from the word ‘go.’ ” Adds the insider: “Ashton has been waiting for this for a long time. He is a kid at heart; he can’t wait to do tons of stuff with the baby.”

Meanwhile, Kutcher is pampering Kunis. “He runs errands alone so Mila can stay home,” says another source. “He takes great care of her.” At Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica on July 20, Kutcher doted on Kunis as she ate pasta and salad. “He took care of her by holding out her chair and making sure she was okay,” says an onlooker. “She leaned on Ashton to get comfortable.”

And comfort has become a premium for Kunis, whose due date is late August or early September. “She feels pretty big lately and can’t do much because it’s harder for her to move around,” says the insider. “She’s in the home stretch!” Although she took Pilates and spinning classes early in the pregnancy, she has replaced them with leisurely walks around the neighborhood with her dogs. “She looks great and very happy,” says a neighbor. “She usually has a hand on her belly and is very cute pregnant.”

When Kunis is up to it, the couple often grab dinner out. At Barton G. restaurant in West Hollywood on Aug. 1, Kunis dined on lobster pop tarts, roasted jidori chicken and a dessert of s’mores pizza. “They’re enjoying every step of the way,” says the insider. “The pregnancy has brought them closer.”

Her Cravings


Kunis got hers at The Counter on a wheat bun with sweet potato fries.


Kunis and Kutcher have been spotted picking up a carb fix with bags of bagels.


Kunis often grabs a cup on the go—hitting the drive-thru in Kutcher’s Tesla.


For a sweet treat after lunch, Kunis stops by Menchie’s.



It’s the end of the road again for Jennifer Lawrence, 23, and Nicholas Hoult, 24. The on-and-off couple, who met as costars in 2011’s X-Men: First Class, briefly split in January 2013 before reuniting that summer while filming the sci-fi franchise’s sequel in Montreal. While the British actor is in Tokyo filming Equals alongside Kristen Stewart, Lawrence is taking a brief break after wrapping The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2. So we put together an online profile for her in case she decides to test the digital dating waters!

The Faux-K Cupid profile


Los Angeles



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My self-summary: Kentucky girl with questionable sense of balance (see Oscars and SAG Awards from 2013) seeks guy—not you, Jack Nicholson!—who enjoys the occasional burping contest. Must have dirty sense of humor, ability to quote First Wives Club (“I beat Meryl!”) and a fetish for blue body paint.

5 things I could never do without:

• Bradley Cooper

• My bow and arrow

• DVDs of The Bill Engvall Show

• My John Stamos poster

• Chaz Bono … that’s my cat, though I’m sure Cher’s son is wonderful too.

Her Details

Last online: This morning

Orientation: Straight

Height: 5’9″

Age: 23

Sign: Leo

Body type: Athletic

Relationship status: Newly single




Fans of American Idol alum Michael Johns were surprised when the talented Australian singer was eliminated from the show’s seventh season in 2008. But news of the 35-year-old’s sudden death from a blood clot on Aug. 1 was a shock that no one saw coming. “Our family is devastated by the passing of our beloved Michael, a wonderful husband, son, brother, uncle and friend,” his loved ones said in a statement. Family members in Australia headed to the U.S. to be with Johns’s wife, Stacey Vuduris, and began making plans for a private memorial. Born in Perth, Johns—who first came to the U.S. on a tennis scholarship—played gigs in Atlanta and recorded a smattering of songs with his band the Rising before finding success on ldol. His rugged looks and gravelly voice propelled him into the Top 10. After exiting Idol he continued to pursue his passion, most recently releasing an EP called Love & Sex in 2012. On July 10 Johns tweeted that he had returned to the studio and was working on a new song called “Reckless.” Longtime friend Kevin Haaland, who had been recording with Johns in recent months, tells PEOPLE that the singer’s influence extends beyond his memorable voice: “Anyone who came into contact with him was affected in some way. He was special.” —Mia McNiece and Patrick Gomez


“So sad. Too soon. Thank you for sharing your talents with us,” Idol judge Randy Jackson tweeted of Johns (below, in 2008), who sang Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” for his Idol audition.


“My wife is my rock,” Johns said of interior designer Stacey Vuduris, whom he wed in 2007.


Johns (with his dog Puddy on Feb. 3) was “the sweetest guy,” Idol winner Caleb Johnson tells PEOPLE.



Now this is how you rebound! From lounging on a yacht in Saint-Tropez to flaunting a new, mature style, Selena Gomez is having a smokin’ hot summer. “It was great for her to get away and just have fun,” a pal says about her trip to France, where she celebrated her 22nd birthday with new BFF Cara Delevingne. The vacation was a welcome respite for the star, who has had a rocky 2014. In January she did a two-week stint in rehab following a breakup with Justin Bieber, 20. “She wanted to move on from that toxic relationship,” the pal says of the non-substance-abuse-related stay. Although the pair made several cozy outings in June, Gomez “is not talking to [Bieber right now],” says the pal. “She did not get back together with him. She knows it’s not healthy, but it’s not easy to make that clean break.” That’s not the only split Gomez has made: In April she told her parents she no longer wanted them to manage her. “Firing your parents is never going to be smooth,” says the pal, who denies reports of a family feud. Any reports of drug problems are bunk too. “It’s just not true,” says the pal. For now, Gomez is focusing on work (her film Rudderless, starring Billy Crudup, is out Oct. 17) and moving forward. “She’s in a good place,” adds the friend.



When I wake up, the first thing I do is grind coffee beans (ACTION), and on my days off I love to fish (VERB). Even though my life is fun (ADJECTIVE), I sometimes fantasize about being a spy and going on secret missions (STATEMENT). On my personal playlist, some people might be surprised that I listen to Katy Perry (NOUN). One thing I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t been able to yet is break the sound barrier in a plane (ACTION). My biggest fear is squandering an opportunity (STATEMENT), and my biggest hope is that my children turn out to be better people than I am (STATEMENT). The oddest Internet rumor I’ve heard about myself is that Carrie Underwood and I had an affair (STATEMENT), and it’s not true and not the worst thing someone could say about me (STATEMENT). My favorite possession is my 1938 Martin D-28 (OBJECT). I can’t wait for people to hear Moonshine in the Trunk because it’s the most fun record I’Ve ever made (STATEMENT), and when it’s released on Aug. 26, I will celebrate by going to every TV show that’ll have me and smoking a cigar in between (ACTION).



To his fans, Michael Strahan seemed on top of the world. On Aug. 2 the former football player was about to be inducted into the NFL’s Hall of Fame, an honor the Good Morning America and Live! With Kelly and Michael host told PEOPLE was “very amazing and very scary.” But behind the scenes, Strahan, 42, was dealing with a personal crisis. On Aug. 1, the day before the awards ceremony, his fiancée of five years, Nicole Murphy, 46, announced that the couple had called it quits and offered no public explanation. The timing of the statement raised eyebrows among fans and friends, as did Strahan’s acceptance speech. With his broken engagement making headlines, he blithely said, “This has been the best weekend of my life.”

But one source says the split “wasn’t a shock to anybody around them. This wasn’t a sudden thing. This was coming for a while.”

Together since 2007 following her 2006 split from ex-husband Eddie Murphy and his acrimonious divorce from second wife Jean Muggli that same year, the pair got engaged in 2009. But wedding plans stalled. “She would always get so defensive about it, saying, ‘We’re taking our time!'” says a source close to Murphy. But lately their lack of a plan “had obviously become a point of contention [for her].” For the past two years relations between the pair, who have nine kids between them, seemed increasingly strained. Strahan hosts Live! and GMA on the East Coast; Murphy shoots VH1’s Hollywood Exes in L.A., where her kids also go to school. “Nicole wouldn’t move to New York full time, so she would spend three weeks in L.A. then one in New York,” says the Murphy source. “They never saw each other.” In the end, “they were a really nice couple. The hardest thing was just the distance.”



Lea Michele

“I got my buns from my mama!” says the 27-year-old actress. Besides hiking (“A steep incline is great for your butt,” she says), Michele practices hot yoga: “It helps keep you slim but doesn’t drastically alter the parts of your body that you were born with.” And of course, she watches what she eats, sticking to “organic foods, not processed.”


Kaley Cuoco

“Kaley likes to work hard,” says George C. King, who trains the actress, 28, for an hour twice a week. “A typical abs set is 20 sit-ups, 15 hanging knee lifts and a 60-second plank, either on the ground or on a stability ball. She’ll do that three or four times, resting for 60 to 90 seconds between each set.” For cardio? SoulCycle a few times a week.


Jessica Simpson

The 34-year-old singer’s lean legs are shaped by Teri Ann Krefting, who works for celeb trainer Harley Pasternak. Four to five times a week, Simpson does circuit training. “We alternate exercises every third day,” says Krefting. Simpson also walks on an incline—it’s the key to her killer calves.

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