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Things were looking up for Giuliana and Bill Rancic. Less than two years after welcoming son Duke, born via surrogate in August 2012 after years of fertility struggles, the couple received news in February that their surrogate, Delphine, was pregnant with their second child. “We had gotten used to one bad phone call after the next,” the E! News host, 39, tells PEOPLE of their long struggle to have a family before Duke’s birth. After suffering a miscarriage in 2010 and three failed attempts at in vitro fertilization, Rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 37 in 2011 (the disease was caught during a round of fertility treatments). With her health issues behind her, “it felt like we had finally turned the corner and everything was going so well,” Rancic says. “We were on a really good path to a wonderful future.”

But in April, Delphine, who has become a close friend to the couple, miscarried at nine weeks. “We were devastated,” says Bill, 43, a real estate developer and motivational speaker. “We were pretty close to getting in the safe zone. It’s something that we didn’t see coming.”

His wife was particularly shaken. Though the two found out while filming their E! reality show Giuliana & Bill, the loss didn’t sink in until the cameras stopped rolling. “I just started sobbing uncontrollably,” Giuliana recalls. Though Bill said the two had been keeping the pregnancy news “close to the vest” this time around, having gone through the emotional turmoil of Giuliana’s own miscarriage, “we had already told our moms,” she admits. And as much as the couple tried to temper their enthusiasm, they had already gotten into full-blown baby-planning mode. “We were so excited for another baby. Duke’s our life. He’s just the joy in our day. So with this child we were so excited to think, ‘Duke’s going to have a sibling, and they’d only be two years apart,'” Giuliana says. “Then we got the news, and it felt like my heart was torn out of my chest.”

Although they haven’t given up on having more children, the Rancics only have one more frozen embryo to use via surrogate (Giuliana is scheduled to be on cancer medication for the rest of her 30s). “I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I may never carry a child,” she says. “But with this next embryo, there are no guarantees, in which case, that’s it. And you know what? That really sucks. That’s the hardest part.”

After everything the pair have been through – and the struggles they still clearly face – they say it’s their Catholic faith that helps them carry on. “Our faith is really strong, and that’s really what’s gotten us through all of this,” says Giuliana. “It’s been a heavy few years for us. You have to just pick yourself up and you keep living. But we know that everything will be okay in the end. And there’s a saying I like: ‘Everything will be okay in the end. And if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.’ ”


She was breathtakingly beautiful, a swinging ’60s sex symbol on the brink of major stardom. But in 1969, Sharon Tate and four others were murdered by the Manson family – and her name would be forever linked to the grisly crime. Now her sister Debra Tate, 61, is reclaiming the slain icon’s legacy with Sharon Tate: Recollection, a photographic celebration that hits stores June 10, two months before the 45th anniversary of her death. “Sharon was near perfect,” says Debra. Despite her glamorous looks, she was a free spirit who was happiest in jeans. “Her goal was to experience motherhood, which she was about to embark on.” Tate, who was married to director Roman Polanski, was 26 and 8½ months pregnant when she died. “She was cheated out of her life,” says Debra. The book “is her second time to shine.”



It can be hard to keep up with the Kardashians – even when you are one. Battling weight gain and self-esteem issues, Rob Kardashian, 27, abruptly dropped out of his sister Kim’s May 24 European wedding. Now sources say he’s vowed to get healthy, texting Hollywood trainer Gunnar Peterson before returning home. Although Rob’s departure was sudden, there is no family rift; loved ones feel Rob is taking positive steps after a long battle with emotional issues that led to the added pounds. “Rob hasn’t been himself,” says an insider. “He knows how bad it’s gotten, and he’s ready to turn that all around.”

While his siblings are comfortable with reality fame, it has contributed to Rob’s feeling more vulnerable to depression. “He wants to capitalize on the Kardashian brand,” says the source, but “he’s introverted and struggles with his life being so out there.” Adds a pal: “Photo ops and Instagrams are a lot to handle when you’re feeling insecure.” But with a new fitness plan, Peterson says, Rob’s ready to get back into shape: “He knows exactly what to do and he’s focused.”



“I always write my lyrics in a book, because I want future generations to be able to see how the process happened,” says Richie, 64, who is currently touring the U.S. through Aug. 3. While reminiscing on his hits, he laughs about his memorable video coifs: “What was I thinking!?” We find out!

“Hello” (1983)

“My coproducer came over to my house while I was at the piano, and I sang, ‘Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?’ when he walked in. He said, ‘Finish it,’ even though it wasn’t a song! I thought it was so corny, but he said it’d be a hit – and it was.”

“Easy” (1977)

“This is probably my favorite song for the Commodores, because there is not a day that goes by that those lyrics don’t apply. Bob Dylan told me he uses it for his sound check. Are you kidding me? That’s a great compliment.”

“Three Times a Lady” (1978)

“It came from a toast my dad gave my mom at the dinner table one night. He said, ‘She’s a great lady, mother and friend.’ I thought, ‘That was pretty profound, Pops.’ It’s about the respect a guy has on many levels for the woman in his life.”

“Endless Love” (1981)

“We’ve only done that song one time together, and it was at the Oscars [in 1982]. If you’re only going to do it once, that’s the place to do it.”


Goodbye, roses, and hello, margaritas! Thirteen former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants attempt reality-TV love again on Bachelor in Paradise (Aug. 4 on ABC). Here are some memorable singles hoping to pair up in Mexico:

Sarah Herron

The art director and designer, 27, won legions of fans on Sean Lowe’s season for her positive attitude despite having been born with one arm.

Graham Bunn

A favorite of DeAnna Pappas’s from night one, the former pro basketball player, 35, devastated her with his half-hearted wooing.

Clare Crawley

Who could forget this 33-year-old hairstylist’s scathing speech to Juan Pablo Galavis after he sent her packing on the last day?

Robert Graham

Well, that was awkward: The marketing guru, 31, was dismissed early because he had dated Desiree Hartsock’s friend.

AshLee Frazier

The sweet professional organizer, 33, and top-three contestant on Lowe’s season was blindsided when she was sent home.

Ben Scott

Hartsock gave the single dad, 30, the first-impression rose, but his polarizing personality often incited his castmates’ ire and distrust.