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SMILING, LAUGHING AND HIGH-FIVING each other over lunch at L.A.’s BLD Restaurant on March 7, newly engaged couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis looked to be having an especially good time. “They were eating off each other’s plates and laughing,” an observer says of the cozy pair. “They looked very much in love.” Kunis in particular was beaming, the observer adds. “[She looked] happy, healthy … glowing.” Now the world knows why. Kunis, 30, and Kutcher, 36, are expecting their first child together later this year, a source confirms to PEOPLE. “They are both beyond ready to be parents,” says a Kutcher insider. “They’ve been talking about having children for nearly a year. They are so excited for that next step.”

It’s a step that’s been more than a decade in the making. Sixteen years after they shared their first kiss (which was her first kiss ever!) on That ’70s Show, their connection turned into something more serious in the spring of 2012 after Kutcher’s six-year marriage to Demi Moore, 51, ended. The exes, who separated in 2011, finalized their divorce in November. “It’s been an adjustment for her to see Ashton so happy, so quickly,” says a source close to Moore. “Now she’s just trying to move on.”

Low-key lovebirds Kunis and Kutcher – who prefer casual dates and sporting events to red carpets – soon took their romance worldwide, traveling together to exotic vacation spots like Bali, as well as to Europe and Australia. While their relationship may seem like a whirlwind, it is deeply rooted in a firm friendship. Says the Kutcher insider: “Mila and Ashton started on solid ground.” As a Kunis pal points out, it’s their shared drama-free approach to life that helps bond them. “Mila is a video-games freak and loves to do guy stuff,” the pal says. “[In her] Ashton has a cool friend and a beautiful lover in one person.”

Though the couple are very private offscreen, fans will get to see their onscreen chemistry in action again with Kunis guest-starring on an April 10 episode of Two and a Half Men (see box). And of course, they’re gearing up for that other big joint project: a wedding. “I think they’ll get married before the baby is born,” says the insider. To be sure, their nuptials will be a family affair. The two have already formed close bonds with one another’s kin: Kutcher asked Kunis’s father, Mark, for permission before he proposed, and they were each other’s dates for their siblings’ recent weddings. And though his relationship with Moore wasn’t happily ever after, Kutcher is optimistic that this time it’s right. “Ashton wants this marriage to be perfect,” says the Kutcher source. “Everything is working out, and they’re in it for the long haul, truly.”


Then & Now

From 1998 to 2006, Kutcher and Kunis played out one of TV’s most lovable romances as Jackie and Kelso (left) in That ’70s Show. On the upcoming Two and a Half Men episode (right), Kunis gets typecast as Vivian, a free-spirited traveler who Kutcher’s character Walden feels is “the one.”



Amanda Bynes continues to be on the upswing. Four months after completing inpatient psychiatric treatment following a public meltdown last July, the actress, 28, made an appearance at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising’s March 21 runway showcase of students’ work. “Amanda looked beautiful and was so sweet,” onlooker Sydney Taylor tells Scoop. “She hugged anyone who asked to meet her.” Adds Siera Parker, another fashion-show attendee: “She looked like she’s getting back to normal.” Since her release in December, Bynes has been taking classes at FIDM while living in L.A. with her parents, Rick and Lynn. (She will remain legally in her mother’s care until at least September.) With their once-strained relationship on the mend, they are now often spotted driving Bynes to the local gym and taking walks and making grocery-store runs together as a family. “[She] is doing extremely well,” Lynn, 66, tells Scoop. “She’s making new friends and learning about the fashion industry.” Adds a school source: “She acts like any other student … focused and friendly.”




Twelve years before his death Nov. 30 in a fiery car wreck, Fast & Furious star Paul Walker willed his estate, worth up to $25 million, to his daughter Meadow and asked that his mother, Cheryl Ann Walker, be appointed her guardian. One problem: Meadow’s mother, Walker’s ex-girlfriend Rebecca Soteros, 40, is legally considered the guardian for Meadow, now 15, unless a judge can be persuaded otherwise. In family court papers filed March 18, Cheryl Walker, 60, states that she’s a “loving and responsible person” who raised four children, and that Meadow and Soteros have been living in her home. She also alleges that Soteros “has a drinking problem” (court records show DUIs in 2003 and 2013). Although Soteros hasn’t commented, legal experts say she could file a challenge before an April 30 hearing—at which point a judge might appoint an investigator to help choose the best guardian. The process “can be very traumatic,” says L.A. estate lawyer Andrew Katzenstein (who’s not involved with the case). “But she’s a teenager. It’s very important she end up with the right person.”



WITH THEIR FIRST TOUR as a family of three set to begin on April 7, “there’s no hiding [William and Kate’s] enthusiasm,” says Will‘s private secretary Miguel Head. Those who anticipate meeting the royals during their three-week trip through Australia and New Zealand may wonder: How exactly does one greet the infant heir to Britain’s throne? According to a royal-etiquette expert, a bow is not expected. (A curtsy or bow before Prince George’s great-granny the Queen is customary.) “It’s just about doing what is natural,” a Palace insider says. Perhaps a little peekaboo, then?

Packing for a Prince

Kate is expected to bring at least 30 outfits, and George’s royal-tour couture, too, will balance fashion and practicality: “Smart/casual khaki pants, short-sleeved shirts, cute sun hats,” predicts maternity expert Sarah Dixon. He’ll likely have his Silver Cross pram (right) and, just maybe, the stuffed-animal bilby his Australian hosts gave him as an infant.

Their Digs Down Under

The Government House in Wellington, N.Z., boasts eight guest suites, while the Government House in Canberra, Australia, has 36 tame kangaroos roaming the property. The couple will also enjoy a romantic getaway at a luxury lodge near Queenstown, N.Z., while George stays with his nanny.

All About The Nanny

Meet María Teresa Turrión Borrallo (in an old class photo), who has lived at Kensington Palace since March. Borallo, 43, from a well-to- do family in Spain, trained at the elite British nanny school Norland College and has lived in the U.K. for more than 20 years. Says a source: “She is totally dedicated” to the job.



1. He’s the youngest of five—and the one who gets picked on.

My sex scene with Shai [Divergent costar Shailene Woodley] was the last one of the whole shoot, and my brothers had flown in for a trip to Vegas. Since filming was delayed, they literally walked off the plane and onto the set to see me getting funky. It was surreal. I got made fun of for months!

2. He’s not into crazy.

In this industry there are a lot of crazies. I like a grounded, normal girl who has a strong sense of self.

3. He’ll leap tall buildings in a single bound. Just don’t ask him to get wet.

I went skydiving in New Zealand, and that was such a thrill! But I’ve always been freaked out by deep, open water. There is great potential for sharks to attack, and for some reason one of my great fears is being attacked by a great white. Just thinking about it is scary.

4. He’s up for serenading you.

I play guitar and I sing. In London I have a band called Shere Khan, like the tiger from Jungle Book. And I play the harmonica. I’m good at “Do You Know the Way to San Jose.” I love that song!

5. He’s a man of many accents.

If I’m in a New York bar, I’ll sometimes end up putting on an American accent because it makes it easier to get a drink. Some Brits are probably better at playing up [the English accent], but it doesn’t seem to work for me!

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