By Oliver Jones
August 18, 2008 12:00 PM



Britney Spears

She’s back in the recording studio, mothering her kids again and getting nominated for an MTV VMA. Is Britney Spears ready for the next step—regaining control of her life? Not yet, but she’s edging closer. Although a judge extended her father Jamie Spears’ conservatorship of the pop princess until Dec. 31 (“at the recommendation of Britney’s doctors,” says a Spears source), there will be another hearing in October to assess her progress. For Spears, 26, to be completely in charge of her life, she will have to “prove to the court, backed by medical experts, that she’s regained her health,” says mental-health lawyer Terry K. Wasserman, who is not involved with Spears’ case. Until then, her father, 56, retains sole authority over who sees his daughter and how much she spends. Not that he likes it. A source insists Jamie is as eager to step down from the job as Britney is to step up: “Jamie Spears doesn’t want [it] to last a day longer than the doctors recommend.”


While globe-trotting and topless everything-ing with Sienna Miller, 26, Balthazar Getty, 33, was also busy sending his wife, Rosetta, text messages telling her he loved her, sources say. “He called her ‘the best wife anyone could ask for,’ and told her he loves and misses her,” says a friend of the former couple’s. But Rosetta, 38, is “still hurt by his infidelity and is trying to keep this as far away from [their kids] as possible.” Friends worry the mixed messages from the Brothers & Sisters star are adding to her pain. “He’s written that he’s sorry,” says the pal. “But he’s not saying he’s not with Sienna.”

Rosie O’Donnell

Citing a desire to stay “unplugged” for a month, Rosie O’Donnell, 46, announced a break from “I am taking off August in blog-ville/2 c if i can,” she wrote on the site July 29 with her usual free-associative style. But her blog break doesn’t mean a total break from work: O’Donnell is reportedly in talks to host an NBC variety show.


Heather Graham


Heather Graham, 38, broke up with her New York club-owner boyfriend Charles Ferri, 34, after two years together. The relationship was “pretty serious,” says a pal of Graham’s. The actress has been keeping a low profile, but she recently enjoyed a night out at Brett Ratner’s L.A. home and “had a blast,” according to one partygoer.

Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams

Ryan Gosling, 27, made his deejay debut July 29 at Hollywood’s Green Door lounge jazz night with one surprising face in the crowd—ex-girlfriend Rachel McAdams (they split in 2007 after two years). “She was there supporting Ryan,” says a Gosling pal. “There was no weirdness. He seemed happy to see her.” McAdams, 31, mostly mingled with pals on the patio. “She had a really good time. Things seemed natural with them.” More than their past binds them together—Gosling’s close friend is dating McAdams’ younger sister Kayleen, 26.

Ryan Seacrest & Sophie Monk


Ryan Seacrest, 33, and Sophie Monk, 28, have called it quits. “It was only a matter of time before they fizzled,” a pal tells Scoop of the pair, who began casually dating in April. Monk is having no trouble finding company—Maroon 5’s Adam Levine has already stepped up to the plate. Says the source: “He’s been trying to woo her!”

Lauren Conrad

On July 29, The HillsLauren Conrad, 22, stopped by Psychic Reading by Gia in L.A. because “she’s got a lot of personal things going on,” a source explains. Like what? She’s been stepping out with actor Kyle Howard of My Boys lately, hitting Crown Bar on July 23 and Teddy’s the next night. Three days later the duo cuddled at the Project Beach House in Malibu, where an onlooker says a giggling Conrad was “leaning back into his lap.” Adds a pal: “They have fun together.”


Jessica Seinfeld’s


On Aug. 1 Jessica Seinfeld joined forces with Derek Lam of Tod’s to host a Baby Buggy luncheon at her Hamptons home. The shopping event raised money for Jessica’s charity, which gives barely used baby gear to moms in need. Gwyneth Paltrow snapped up “a black cashmere trench coat … simple, chic and easy to throw on.” Kelly Ripa, who donates everything her kids outgrow, says, “Nowadays Baby Buggy is more necessary than ever.”


• 7/29, L.A.: Brody Jenner sprayed champagne—or, as he calls it, “king juice”—at the crowd at Coco de Ville. • 7/30, L.A.: Halle Berry played mom to a pal’s kids as she dished out macaroni and cheese at Ketchup. • 7/30, Joel and Benji Madden’s other lookalike brother Josh deejayed at Effen Vodka’s the White Tie Affair show at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. • The Simpson sisters and Pete Wentz threw a soiree at the Stork—Jessica gushed about Tony Romo.


Lindsay Lohan nuzzled up to sweetheart Samantha Ronson at an N.Y.C. bar July 29 and put in a request for a tune that could have been written about her. “Lindsay requested Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed a Girl,'” says DJ Sparber. Two days later in L.A. she grooved to the same tune at Crown Bar—with Ronson by her side.


The star of the smoke-filled action comedy Pineapple Express talks ‘bromance,’ explains why violence is good and recounts a night in Hollywood that changed his life


In Pineapple Express, like some of your past films, your character has a “bromance” with another male (James Franco). How do you feel about being cast as the “bromantic” lead?

It’s an honor. I think James Cagney was called that for a few years; he took the title from Humphrey Bogart. It’s a fine tradition I’m a part of.

Can you relate to “bromances?”

Growing up in Vancouver, all my friends were pretty callous. Then I moved to L.A. and became friends with all these actors who love talking about how they feel. The single most amusing thing to me became hearing guys tell each other that their emotions are hurt.

Pineapple Express has some shocking moments of violence. Are you a big blood-and-guts fan?

I am. I don’t think in life people should kill each other, but in movies, why not?

In one scene you jump through the air and land on the bad guy. What was that like to shoot?

It was the day after my birthday and I was a little hungover. I was afraid I was going to puke.

How did you get so sick?

By drinking more than anyone ever should and throwing up all over Hollywood Boulevard. It was a life-changing drunken night. Maybe I’ll do it again for my 30th. At least you can’t say I don’t have ambitions.