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Three weeks after her showstopping appearance at the Country Music Awards in Nashville—where she flaunted her postbreakup figure and earned a standing ovation from her peers—Shania Twain painted the town red in New York City and Florida with a group of close pals, taking in a Michael Bublé concert, lunching at Nobu and skydiving. Who was at her side? Frédéric Thiébaud.

Now pay attention: Thiébaud, 38, is the ex-husband of Twain’s former best friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud, 38, whose alleged affair with Twain’s ex Robert “Mutt” Lange was at the center of their split in May. The singer and Frédéric have known each other for years and are “friends. There’s nothing more to it,” says a source close to Twain, 43, before adding, “at this time.”

Their pals say Frédéric, a Swiss business executive who’s in the midst of divorce proceedings (and whose daughter is the same age as Twain’s 7-year-old son Eja), is a good match for the singer. “She hasn’t allowed herself to go there yet. [But] it would be a natural thing,” says the source. “[In Frédéric] she has a really great friend, who’s been through the same thing that she has. She’s happy around him.” Adds another pal: “She’s had a rough year, and she is ready for a change. Anything that makes her happy—all of us are for it.”


Is Britney Ready for a Comeback?

Britney Spears looks great, is promoting her new album Circus and will start her North American tour this spring. But is the pop star really ready for her big comeback, or is it just too much, too soon?



Paula Abdul

Unsettled by the apparent suicide of an obsessed fan outside her L.A. home, Abdul confesses she hasn’t slept there since—instead “staying in different homes and hotels.” The American Idol judge, who is out promoting an HSN jewelry line, had been dealing with Paula Goodspeed’s fixation for years. Abdul now has full-time security and plans to sell the home. And then take a vacation, she says, “far away, so no one can find me!”


The latest in the world of celebrity love lives



Five months after her split from crooner Michael Bublé, a source says Emily Blunt, 25, has a new man: The Office‘s John Krasinski, 29. In August, the pair were flirting at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont; now, a source tells Scoop, “they’re a couple.”



After two years of dating, Ginnifer Goodwin, 30, and Chris Klein, 29, have broken up. “They realized they wanted different things,” says a Goodwin pal, who adds that the split was mutual. “The relationship wasn’t going to work.”



Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, 33, said he and Madonna, 50, are “friends—that’s it.” In other “just friends” news, despite tab reports, Madonna‘s ex Guy Ritchie, 40, isn’t courting British socialite (and Hugh Grant’s ex!) Jemima Khan, 34.

Fran Drescher


Fran Drescher is “tawking” politics. The Flushing native says she wants to replace Sen. Hillary Clinton, who has been nominated as Secretary of State. “I’m a New Yorker. Its imprint on me is indelible,” says Drescher, 51. She now needs to convince New York’s Gov. David Paterson, who must appoint someone to finish Clinton’s term. Since The Nanny ended, Drescher has toured the world speaking out on women’s issues and says the question of her running for office is one of the most frequently asked. “Only second to: Is that your real voice?” she laughs.



Britney Spears had two reasons to celebrate Dec. 2: her 27th b-day and the release of her new album Circus. Spears and crew (mostly her dancers) boogied at New York City club Tenjune for a circus-themed soiree, complete with flamethrowers. Also on hand—Heidi Klum, who wished Brit the best.


Jessica Seinfeld tapped husband Jerry for help raising $1.1 million for her Baby Buggy charity, which donates baby products to mothers in need. The comic performed his act—riffing on marriage and the joys of parenting—in front of a sold-out Manhattan crowd at her Dec. 8 fund-raiser. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were there and laughing off breakup talk: “The death of our marriage has been greatly exaggerated,” he said.


• 12/6, L.A.: John Stamos (inset) was hosting the 50th anniversary of the candlelight procession at Disneyland when a choir member fainted. Stamos, who stars on ER, ran into the bleachers, caught the girl and joked, “Stop fainting, I’m not a real doctor!” • 12/5, Miami: Mary-Kate Olsen watched fireworks with beau Nate Lowman, who deejayed at the Mondrian hotel’s Sunset Lounge. • 12/4, L.A.: Rosario Dawson and Taye Diggs hit the SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills opening—the hotel features fortune tellers and jugglers on the weekends!

5 Questions for … LINDSAY PRICE

The style-savvy Lipstick Jungle star talks about the show’s fashionable perks and dating in the spotlight

1 First, what’s up with the rumors that the show is being cancelled?

We’re taking a break for the holidays [in December] and then they’re going to see how the ratings do, but it looks like they’ll order more episodes. In tough times, I don’t think it’s a bad thing for people to kick back and have a bit of escapism.

2 Your character on Lipstick Jungle, Victory, is a fashion designer. Do you get to keep any of her stylish ensembles?

I’ve literally walked off the set and gone to events in costume. I get to keep some of her outfits that we can’t repeat, like this Dolce [& Gabbana] jacket with a big fur hood. That’s so making it into my bag!

3 Do you think the show has a feminist message?

Absolutely. But what’s so great is it’s not preaching, burn your bra and be a CEO. The empowerment is these women are powerful, they have these jobs and they juggle their careers, but it’s so natural.

4 Do you and costars Brooke Shields and Kim Raver hang out?

Every Friday we’ll go to someone’s place, order food and watch the show. And the brownstone Brooke just bought is right behind my building. So we can have conversations with soup-can telephones now!

5 Since your divorce from producer Shawn Piller, have you been dating?

I’ll tell you when I figure it out! Love is a tricky thing and when all eyes are on you it’s trickier.

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