BLONDE VS. BLONDE: Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag go from friend to foe

By Jennifer Wulff and Molly Lopez
Updated August 27, 2007 12:00 PM




They were best friends—now they’re bitter enemies. What happened? Your guide to TV’s nastiest feud


Flash back to the innocent days of 2006: Lauren Conrad, 21, and Heidi Montag, 20, are best friends and roomies, living a reality-TV dream in the Hollywood Hills. Enter Spencer Pratt. He and Montag begin dating, despite Conrad’s warning of his wandering eye.


The rift deepens: Montag moves in with Pratt, ignoring Conrad’s prediction that it will ruin the girls’ friendship. Conrad is also hurt when the couple urge her friend Jen Bunney to hook up with her ex, Brody Jenner. “I … felt so betrayed,” she tells Montag.


The bombshell drops: In April word spreads of a sex tape starring Conrad and ex Jason Wahler. Both say no tape exists, but Conrad suspects that Montag and Pratt planted the rumor. (They deny it.) “You know what you did!” Conrad screams as MTV cameras roll.


It’s war! After back-and-forth sniping in the media, Pratt posts vulgar comments about Conrad on his Web site: “It’s sad that she destroyed the sex tape…. [It] would have made her real famous.” Wahler defends his ex on TSM Radio: “Heidi and Spencer need to leave her alone.”


Ready to cool off? Not likely. Asked at The Hills’ season-three premiere party Aug. 8 whether the friendship was salvageable, Montag (now engaged to Pratt) tells PEOPLE, “No.” Conrad’s camp concurs. Says her pal “Lo” Bosworth: “Heidi and Lauren? It’s just not going to happen.”


For those keeping score: Grocery Game-1, Drew Carey-0. The Price is Right’s new host was injured during an Aug. 10 rehearsal, when the Grocery Game‘s mini-stage turntable swung around. “He stuck his hand in while the game was turning and suffered an abrasion above his left wrist,” a CBS rep tells Scoop. Though ordered to wear a splint for 10 days, Carey was back at work that afternoon. “He was joking with the crew and showing them pictures of his injury on his iPhone.” So what advice would former host Bob Barker—who handled the show’s props for decades and never sustained more than a scrape—give the comic after the mishap? “You’ve got to be more careful,” Barker told Scoop, “or you’re not going to last 35 years.”

  • “Tony and I would love to have kids. We will definitely [teach them to be trilingual]. Absolutely!”
  • EVA LONGORIA—who speaks English and Spanish and is married to France-raised NBA star Tony Parker—at an Aug. 11 event for Padres Contra El Cáncer.

Paris & Adrian


Has Paris Hilton joined Adrian Grenier’s Entourage? The pair hit a Malibu beach together Aug. 9 and grabbed dinner at Nobu three days later. But sources close to the actor deny any romance reports. “He’s working on a documentary about fame and the paparazzi,” a pal tells Scoop. “That’s why he and Paris were together.” In fact, the two have been pals for years, ever since Entourage’s Kevin Connolly dated Paris’s sis Nicky. “Adrian thinks Paris is very sweet,” adds the friend. “But he’s still with his girlfriend [model Melissa Keller].” Their reps had no comment.

Mel B.


Eddie Murphy isn’t the only one finding love amid drama.

On the heels of Murphy’s engagement to TV producer Tracey Edmonds, it was revealed that his ex-girlfriend Melanie Brown—who continues to make headlines with Murphy and their paternity battle—secretly wed movie producer Stephen Belafonte in Las Vegas. “They bought the most basic package and paid $59,” says Joshua Gust, president of A Special Memory Wedding Chapel, where they got hitched in an eight-minute ceremony June 6. “They didn’t do photos or flowers or anything. They said they were just driving by and decided to come in.” (The couple kept the news mum—even to Brown’s mom! Andrea Brown told Scoop, “I don’t really know anything.”) But they have certainly been making the most of their newlywed bliss, with a getaway to Miami and, most recently, a return romp in Vegas Aug. 10. “Mel and Stephen have known each other for many years and were great friends first,” Brown’s rep said in a statement to PEOPLE. “Now they are deeply in love.”

Jill Hennessy


Crossing Jordan may be over, but Jill Hennessy is keeping busy with another production: her second child. “It’s definitely a boy,” the actress, 38—who kept quiet about her pregnancy the first six months—told Scoop at an Aug. 11 Hamptons magazine party in Sag Harbor, N.Y. “I haven’t been eating anything strange, but anything fried turns me off,” said the former Law & Order star, who has a son, Marco, 3, with her husband, actor Paolo Mastropietro. Also turned off: pregnancy jitters. “I’m much more relaxed this time. I’ve got a pretty good idea of what will happen over the next few months.” If only she felt as comfortable with baby names. Hennessy laments, “I’m still trying to find one that goes with Mastropietro.”

Britney Spears

Britney Spears graces Allure’s September cover and “she was on time to the minute,” says creative director Paul Cavaco. “The consummate professional.” That is, until, the editor says, she missed four meetings with the magazine’s writer. (For more on Spears, see page 60.)

Hell’s Kitchen


Here’s the dish: Gordon Ramsay declared Washington, D.C., chef Rock Harper, 30, the winner of Hell’s Kitchen 3 Aug. 13 over nanny Bonnie Muirhead. PEOPLE’s Jennifer Wulff caught up with the new head chef of Nevada’s Green Valley Ranch, where he’ll start earning a $250,000 salary next month.

On being mistaken for that other Rock: There’s no confusion. I’m losing in all categories there. Popularity, looks and money.

On blowing up after losing the lobster competition: I was incensed! Livid! That was a terrible decision. You didn’t even take me on a date and buy me popcorn—you just screwed me, Chef Ramsay!

His best “anyone-can-do-it” recipe: Sear a lean cut of short ribs, seasoned with salt and pepper. Pour some stock, red wine and BBQ sauce in with the ribs. Simmer it down as low as possible, then put it in the stove at 275° for a few hours, until the meat’s falling off. Onion rings on the side. Now that’s an indulgence.

Amanda Bynes

Dressed for success: The former Nickelodeon kid star turns mini-mogul with her new clothing line


She flaunted the ’60s style in Hairspray. Now Amanda Bynes, 21, debuts a more modern look with her new clothing line, Dear. She talks clothes, career and clubbing with PEOPLE’s Molly Lopez.

What’s your personal style?

Classy, but still young. [You can’t] look like you’re trying too hard.

Hairspray is a big hit. What was it like filming with a womanized John Travolta?

Very odd. It says a lot for his confidence. And he’s an amazing dancer. Watch his legs kick underneath his dress—you can’t believe how quickly they’re moving!

Do you have a signature dance move?

I’m the worst clubber ever. I just stand there snapping my fingers. Then I just get really warm and want to leave.

What’s your secret to avoiding the perils of young Hollywood?

Drinking just doesn’t appeal to me—I don’t know if it’s the bloated feeling or the not-being-aware-of-myself thing. I don’t want to be a complete mess. I just don’t think that’s cute.

What’s your reaction to the antics of Lindsay and Britney?

I just hope everybody’s careful, because, like the people before us, you can die from that kind of stuff. They’re talented. I feel bad that there’s these other demons in the way.