June 18, 2007 12:00 PM


Paris Hilton

Hours before she turned herself in June 3, Paris Hilton, 26, told reporters at the MTV Movie Awards that she was “scared but ready to face my sentence.” So what’s an average day for the heiress—serving a minimum of 23 days at L.A.’s Century Regional Detention Facility for violating probation? Clad in an orange two-piece uniform made by inmates, she’s confined in the so-called “high power” pod—reserved for real-life felons and those, like Hilton, who need extra protection. (The 12 cells share one TV. Now playing: Brad Pitt‘s Troy.) For meals, it’s the Simple Life, indeed—dinner June 4 was franks and beans, lunch the next day was a bologna sandwich and two chocolate-chip cookies. How’s she holding up? “She cried audibly the first two nights,” says a source. Her lawyer Richard Hutton (who, along with her psychiatrist, had been her only visitors as of press time), adds, “She’s doing very well under the circumstances.”


Perhaps seeking solace (or trying to add a little luster to her image), Paris has become quite the bookworm since her sentencing. A sampling of her topical tomes:

Taking a spiritual turn with the Bible and The Power of Now.

Clinging to Count Your Blessings in L.A.

Snagging The Alchemist and The Art of Seduction.

Unleashing her Spiritual Warrior in Beverly Hills.

Checking out kiddie book Smiles! (now that’s more like it).

Baby’s First … Stationery?

She may not be able to say much yet, but Suri Cruise still has impeccable manners. After the 1-year-old tot and mom Katie Holmes, 28, dropped by the Ladies in Waiting children’s store in Shreveport, La., and were surprised with a customized picture frame, the boutique received a cream-colored thank-you note on the little one’s very own personalized stationery, with “Suri Cruise” embossed across the top. “It was a pleasure meeting you,” the note read. “Warmly, Katie & Suri.”

Kate & Owen


So much for the bond of blond. Kate Hudson, 28, and Owen Wilson, 38—who began dating last fall—broke up just before Memorial Day, a source tells PEOPLE. “They’re still friends,” the source adds of the former You, Me and Dupree costars, who seemed cozy as could be at the May 10 L.A. premiere of Wilson’s comedy The Wendell Baker Story. (Reps for Hudson and Wilson declined to comment.) Hudson has lately been hitting the town in N.Y.C., dropping by Marquee May 22 and Pink Elephant the following night. “She was dancing up a storm,” says an onlooker.

Jessica Simpson
Single (Again)

For those of you keeping track at home, Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are “off again.” And this time, it may stick. “It’s over,” a source close to Mayer says of the pair (last spotted taking a Memorial Day trip to Cabo San Lucas). “It’s been rocky lately and it reached the end of the road.” (Reps for both had no comment.) Simpson, 26, was noticeably dateless June 2 as she and two pals checked out her reported former flame, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, in concert at L.A.’s Troubadour. Could a reunion be brewing? Nah. Levine only had eyes for civilian girlfriend Rebecca Ginos, who winked at him from the VIP balcony.

Lindsay Lohan

For the first time in recent memory, Lindsay Lohan had, by all accounts, a quiet week. The star, 20—who entered rehab May 28—spent her days in Malibu’s Promises center (with supervised trips to church and the Spectrum Athletic Club). “She’s happy where she is,” says stylist pal Nate Newell, “and is taking time for herself.” But outside, her hard-partying prerehab lifestyle continued sending out shock waves. Web site Perez Hilton buzzed with rumors that deejay Samantha Ronson, Lohan’s BFF of late, had been tipping paparazzi off to her pal’s whereabouts in exchange for cash. (Ronson’s rep couldn’t be reached for comment, but a Ronson source says, “It isn’t true.”) Then came photos, reportedly taken last summer, of Lohan and Vanessa Minnillo posing with a knife. Even Lohan’s mom, Dina—usually a nightlife fixture—has gone underground. She would only tell Scoop, “This is a personal family matter.”

“I say, ‘If anything happens to one of my daughters, I’m coming to you first—and then I’m going to kill all your friends right in front of you.'”

BRUCE WILLIS, next in Live Free or Die Hard, joking about how he deals with potential suitors for daughters Rumer, 18, Scout, 15, and Tallulah, 13

Katie Couric’s


Her ratings may be struggling on the CBS Evening News, but Katie Couric, 50, had no shortage of viewers June 3 as she delivered the commencement address at Williams College in Williamstown, Mass. Her seven suggestions for the class of 2007:

1 Become members of the Two H Club: Hard work and humility.

2 Do what you love, even if you don’t love it every single minute.

3 Persistence is critical. Being creative and persistent is even better.

4 The fourth quality that has served me well is resilience. [In April 1997, my husband Jay Monahan] was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer…. This story might be a real buzz kill on such a happy occasion, but [you must] reach down deep after disappointments big and small.

5 Be fearless. I could have stayed at the Today show for the rest of my career, but decided to … accept the challenge of being the first solo woman anchor on an evening news broadcast. It hasn’t been easy…. But I have never felt—for some strange reason—stronger or more confident.

6 Helping others is more rewarding than helping yourself.

7 In a world that seems increasingly vicious and judgmental, be kind—be kind to your friends, be kind to your family, be kind to yourselves.

Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo is guarded about her private life—so it’s no surprise she’s kept mum on the details of her upcoming nuptials to music producer Chris Ivery, 39. Still, the Grey’s Anatomy star, 37, did drop a few choice tidbits at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Brentwood, Calif., on June 2. “We’re thinking about going away and getting married,” she told Scoop. “There will be no ‘big’ anything. It’s going to be very small.”

The Rock’s


After 17 years together—an eternity in Hollywood terms—Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 35, and his wife, Dany Garcia, 38, have separated. The couple (who met at the University of Miami) remain “vitally important to each other’s lives,” they told PEOPLE in a joint statement. The wrestler turned actor and his wife, a wealth manager, added that they plan to act “as a loving team” in raising their 5-year-old daughter Simone Alexander.

Q & A


Talk show host Kelly Ripa pays homage to laugh-out-loud ladies—and riffs about the jokers in her life

Heard any good jokes lately? Kelly Ripa sure has, what with batting around one-liners on Live with Regis and Kelly and hosting Oxygen’s The 50 Funniest Women Alive (airing June 16). She takes a breather to flex her comedy chops with PEOPLE reporter Molly Lopez.

What woman always gets a laugh out of you?

Ellen DeGeneres makes everything funny. And she wears good shoes, which I envy.

Happy to have cohost Regis Philbin back after his bypass surgery?

It’s heaven. The show is half of itself without him.

Do you and Regis do any pre-show comedy prep?

Absolutely nothing. We don’t see each other until about 30 seconds before we go on air. It has to be spontaneous, so we try to stay away from each other.

Are you ready for bathing-suit season?

I’ve taken to running. I always thought I would hate it—nobody looks particularly happy when they’re doing it. Turns out I love it. Who knew?

Who’s the resident clown in your family [husband Mark Consuelos and kids Michael, 10, Lola, 6, and Joaquin, 4]?

Michael. He thinks it’s hysterical to leave fake dog poop all over the house. When somebody new comes over, out it comes.

Are you and Mark still planning to produce a TV show together?

It didn’t get picked up this year, but we’re gonna keep at it. Working together doesn’t affect us. The kids don’t let us bring work home. It’s like, “Time to pay attention to us—check it at the door.”

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