May 21, 2007 12:00 PM


Lindsay Lohan

Busted in the Bathroom?

On May 6 Britain’s News of the World printed stills from a videotape which it claims show Lindsay Lohan, 20, and two pals snorting cocaine in the bathroom of the Hollywood club Teddy’s just 20 days after she checked out of rehab in February. “I’m showing this video so the world can know what Lindsay has been doing,” the woman who secretly shot the tape told the tabloid (which routinely pays for interviews). Lohan’s rep calls the paper’s story “totally inaccurate.” A Lohan friend adds that the star “doesn’t deserve this. She’s still just a young kid who’s all messed up.” Any chance this tape will curb her incessant club-hopping? Doubtful, says the pal: “But [she needs] to be around people who won’t videotape her.” (On the other hand, if the tape is accurate, perhaps that shouldn’t be her first priority.)


Who are the most generous celebs? The Giving Back Fund—a nonprofit organization that researched the tax-deductible donations of more than 250 stars—has compiled a list of the 30 figures in entertainment it says are the most charitable. (For the complete list, go to A sampling:

No. 1


GAVE $58,300,000

TO the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls and Oprah‘s Angel Network

No. 6

GAVE $5,700,000

TO Katrina Relief efforts

No. 7


GAVE $5,000,000

To New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital

No. 11

GAVE $2,415,000

TO a school and community center in Swakopmund, Namibia; Daniel Pearl Foundation; Doctors Without Borders

No. 12


GAVE $2,000,000

TO Amnesty International

No. 20

GAVE $1,000,000

TO Save Africa’s Children

No. 28


GAVE $500,000

TO the Lance Armstrong Foundation


It was a Kentucky Derby bombshell: Brittany Murphy is hitched! “This was our first trip as a married couple,” her new husband, writer-director Simon Monjack, 37 (who was hosted for the weekend by T-Mobile), told PEOPLE in a statement. In fact Murphy, 29—who’s been engaged twice before—was flashing not one but two mega rocks. (She wears one, a 6.5-carat cushion cut, on her left hand and the other, a 5-plus-carat yellow diamond, on her right.) “They couldn’t decide on one so they got them both!” says jeweler Neil Lane. “It’s so romantic.”


Suri, your playdates are gonna rock. Two weeks after David and Victoria Beckham paid $22 million for a Beverly Hills mansion, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes scraped together $35 million for a 14,000-sq.-ft., eight-bedroom dreamhouse of their own, just a two-minute drive away. “It has all the amenities,” says a source familiar with the house, which wasn’t even on the market when Cruise (who had been renting) came calling.


Big Apple tourists got a treat May 7, when Drumline‘s Nick Cannon, 26, proposed to Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks in the middle of Times Square. Not flashy enough? The actor then presented Ebanks, 24, his girlfriend of just three months, with a massive 12-carat ring.

Ty Pennington’s


Image makeover? Carpenter Ty Pennington, 42, of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, was arrested May 5 in L.A. on a misdemeanor DUI charge. The ABC host (who was released on $5,000 bail and is due in court June 4) was quick to issue a public mea culpa. “We all make mistakes, however this is about accountability,” he said. “Under no circumstances should anyone consume alcohol while driving.” He added, “This was my wake-up call.”

Naomi Campbell‘s


Last March, Naomi Campbell swept into N.Y.C.’s Department of Sanitation—and kept on sweeping. Sentenced to five days of community service for hurling a cell phone at her maid, the supermodel wrote about her experience for the June issue of W (with photos by her friend Steven Klein). Some excerpts:



I am told to sweep the garage…. I’m getting very protective of my pile of rubbish—kind of the way I feel about my Hermès handbag.


I recognize one of the other Sanitation officers because he does security at night at Nobu. It’s really nice to see a familiar face.


[My coworkers] tell me things they’ve read about me, like I have a diamond-encrusted BlackBerry …. Never! … I’ll leave that to Paris [Hilton].


On my way in today, I decide to say hello to the paparazzi because, I mean—God bless them…. [They’re] out here in the cold all week.


Last day…. I slip on [my] silver sequined Dolce & Gabbana gown…. I want to walk out of here with my head up. I want to go out in style.

Reality Roundup

Dancing with the Stars


Achy Breaky, Indeed

He may have been called a “wild beast,” but Billy Ray Cyrus, 45, went out like a lamb May 8—thanking everyone from ABC to God for his time on Dancing. Next up? “Getting up really early for Hannah Montana.”


She’s a master at the quickstep, but Apolo Ohno’s partner Julianne Hough, 18, is taking her romance slow. She and ex-dancer Zach Wilson have called off their engagement. Does that mean she’s free to date (say a certain sexy speed skater)? “No!” she insists. “[Zach and I] are still together. We just want [more time] before we get married. It’s all good!”

Age of Love


Dimples? Check. Money? Check. Loves his mom? Check. So why is tennis superstar Mark Philippoussis still single? “I am so shy,” says the hunky bachelor. “I would really like to meet someone.” NBC to the rescue. This week, PEOPLE has learned, the network will name Philippoussis as the star of Age of Love, a summer Bachelor-esque series with, of course, a twist. In this mating game half the women are in their 20s and half in their 40s. “Age doesn’t matter to me,” says Philippoussis, 30. “All the women are beautiful.”

American Idol

Don’t fret about the overlapping May 23 finales of Idol and Lost. “Nothing good will happen [around 9:50 p.m.] so people can see who wins Idol,” Damon Lindelof, exec producer of ABC’s spooky hit, told Scoop at A.I.’s May 8 taping. “Then switch to Lost!”

… BFFs for the night: Paula Abdul and Judge Judy …

Q & A


Leah Remini says goodbye to Queens—and hello to quality time with daughter Sofia and BFF Jennifer Lopez

The King of Queens goes off the air May 14, but Leah Remini is still cracking wise. From showbiz snubs to Scientology, the actress, 36 (and star of the new Internet series In the MotherHood), covers all the bases with PEOPLE’s Mark Dagostino.

Your show had a nine-year run. But do you ever feel it was underappreciated?

Who are you tellin’!? I’m not one of those people who goes, “Oh, I’m glad we had a show on this long.” I want awards!

Unexpectedly honest.

I just like to b—h. I’m the kind of person, you invite me on a private jet, and I’m not thankful. I go, “How do they not have a cappuccino maker [on board]?”

Why is the press so fascinated by your friendship with Jennifer Lopez?

She’s a fabulous girl. I’m fabulous to hang out with. But it’s like, “What could these two have in common? She must be trying to convert her [to Scientology]!”

What’s the weirdest rumor you’ve read?

That I was trying to get Jennifer to do Scientology because it helps with fertility. That’s bull! I think Jennifer knows how to get pregnant. features toddler horror stories. Is your own Sofia deep in the terrible twos?

She tells people not to look at her a lot. Strangers who walk by and aren’t even looking—”Don’t look at me!”

Is it still strange for you, not going to the studio every day?

Completely! You get so used to [the routine]. It’s going to take me some time to deal with it. Thank God I have work. I have my family. I have Jennifer to convert. I have things I gotta do!

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