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August 14, 2006 12:00 PM

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Paul McCartney pursues a divorce as Heather Mills McCartney preps for battle

Last week, after months of rumors, Paul and Heather Mills McCartney finally showed their hands—and declared war. McCartney, 64, reportedly filed divorce papers that, according to a source, cite the former model’s “unreasonable behavior” for the split. (British tabs went further, saying she was “argumentative” and “rude to the staff.”) Meanwhile, Heather, 38, has no plans to go quietly. “She will file her own counterclaims in Britain and America,” her rep tells Scoop. (The ex-Beatle owns property in Long Island, Los Angeles and Arizona, says a source.) The singer has an estimated $1.6 billion fortune, and there’s no prenup. “[With] Heather announcing she is prepared to fight,” a source close to McCartney says, “things are just going to get uglier.” Still, McCartney seems to be moving on: For the first time since their May split, he has been spotted without his wedding ring.

The Hoff’s Latest Hassle

Is David Hasselhoff a flight risk? At London’s Heathrow airport on July 26, the day his divorce from actress Pamela Bach was finalized, the America’s Got Talent judge skipped his 10:05 a.m. British Airlines flight to Los Angeles. Why? One British tabloid reported that the ex-Baywatch star had been downing beer and whiskey in the VIP lounge and was too tipsy to fly, but the actor’s rep insists he was simply sick from antibiotics he recently started taking for an arm injury: “He was not barred from any flight, and there was no drinking.” (Although the airline would not state names, a BA rep confirms that a male passenger was allowed to board an 11:55 a.m. flight that day “provided he was not served any drinks.”) Back stateside after the incident, the actor—who has had a slew of ups and downs recently (see box)—tells Scoop he’s considering legal action against one British tabloid for printing “outrageous untruths.”


JUNE 21 — Simon who? America’s Got Talent premieres with the Hoff in the judge’s seat.

JUNE 29 — Severs a tendon in his arm in a freak chandelier-shattering shaving accident at a London hotel.

JULY 4 — Has a run-in with ticket-takers at Wimbledon. Both sides deny initial reports that Hasselhoff was inebriated.

JULY 21 — Confirms he will star in David Hasselhoff: The Musical and pen his memoirs.


Lance Armstrong has Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey to keep him company. Now, it seems, his ex-fiancée Sheryl Crow has found a new friend too. The singer told Larry King Live (no air date has been set for the show) that she’s diving back into the dating pool. “[It’s] terrifying,” she told him. “[But] it is good news.” She wouldn’t name the guy, but a source confirms that she’s seeing an L.A.-based film director. “They’ve been dating for a few months now,” the source tells Scoop. “But it’s not serious. They are taking it very slowly.” How’d they meet? “It was a setup by her friend Courteney Cox Arquette.” That’s what Friends are for …

The ORIGINAL Little Black Dress

Now that’s a sample sale. The Givenchy gown Audrey Hepburn wore as Holly Golightly in 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany‘s will go on sale at Christie’s Auction House in December. (It will be on display in New York City in September.) “This was one of the most iconic dresses of the 20th century,” says Helen Bailey, head of entertainment memorabilia at Christie’s New York, who notes that bidding could near $1 million. But fashionistas beware: The frock, tailored to fit Hepburn’s waifish frame, has just a 24-inch waist. “It’s a size 2 at the largest,” says Bailey. “You’d have to be tiny to wear it.” For perspective, that might fit Keira Knightley, Kate Bosworth or Mischa Barton. Ladies, any bidders?


Mischa Barton
Keira Knightley
Kate Bosworth


Cracking The Da Vinci Code is a bit tougher than algebra, but the French actress still might fit in on The O.C.




Before his Emmy-nominated role as the obnoxious boss in The Office or Golden Globe-winning turn in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Steve Carell was—like many young actors—a waiter. He played one, anyway, for 10 seconds in 1991’s Curly Sue.

heart monitor

Hey, Naveen: Who’s That Girl?

What was Lost‘s Naveen Andrews—who’s dated Barbara Hershey, 58, since 1998—doing on Manhattan Beach July 29 with a mystery blonde? “I have no comment,” says his rep. “Naveen and Barbara are still together.” In fact, during a PEOPLE interview just hours before the beach romp, Andrews, 37—who in 2005 fathered a child with another woman during a brief split from Hershey—insisted all was well. “[My private life] seems to be dysfunctional,” the actor said. “[But] what’s actually going on … is good and pure.”


For those keeping score at home: Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos, who first clicked last October, split in May. Since then, the pair have had a series of stops and starts. They snuggled at a party June 9, for example, but nine days later Hilton was spotted holding hands with pro hockey player Jose Theodore. Regarding Niarchos, the heiress told Scoop July 31 in Saint-Tropez: “We’re together now. Here.”

Jokers Wild

The cost of staying in a Sky Villa in Las Vegas’s Palms Casino Resort: $25,000 a night. A three-day getaway for Jim Carrey, 44, and Jenny McCarthy, 33? Priceless. During the weekend of July 28, the couple of eight months enjoyed in-room massages and hit the high-roller lounge for some blackjack. “They looked very happy and very into each other,” says a witness.

Breakups, Make-Ups and Hot Hookups

Need extra motivation to hit the gym? That’s where Joan Allen, 49, hangs out with her handsome personal-trainer boyfriend of seven months, Josh Stolz. She tells Scoop his training technique is “really original, killer.” … Mandy Moore—who’s rumored to have split with Zach Braff—was spotted sharing a cozy lunch with ex Andy Roddick at L.A.’s W hotel July 25 and, two days later, cheering him on at a tennis match. Back to love-love? Alas, “they’re just friends who were catching up,” says a close source…. Don’t believe those reports that Claire Forlani is engaged to Keanu Reeves. The actress (Meet Joe Black) shared a romantic dinner with Dougray Scott—who’ll play Teri Hatcher‘s love interest in Desperate Housewives next season—at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont July 27. (Reps had no comment.) The two have also been spotted holding hands on the Universal Studios lot.


Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford has much to celebrate. Raiders of the Lost Ark, now a classic, recently marked its 25th anniversary. Ford turned 64. And production of Indiana Jones 4 is getting ready to roll. He gives us the Scoop from his L.A. home.

On filming Raiders:

It was hard work—Tunisia was tough with the health issues [most of the cast caught dysentery] and logistics—but it never impinged on our fun, working with Steven [Spielberg] and George [Lucas]. It must have had something to do with our youth and impetuousness.

On his affection for Indy:

The character was a good fit from the very beginning; his specific kind of bravado was more to my taste than Han Solo.

On learning how to crack the whip:

A fellow came by the house, and we stood in the driveway for a couple weeks, and I mastered the moves. It was a bit of a struggle. When you’re first learning, the whip tends to come back and lash your ears.

On Indiana Jones 4:

I can tell you that we acknowledge the passage of time. It’s set in the ’50s; we’re no longer battling our original Nazi bad guys.

On celebrating his birthday (July 13) with longtime girlfriend Calista Flockhart:

She gave me far too much; she’s a very good present buyer. And she threw a [surprise] party at the ranch [in Wyoming’s Jackson Hole].

On life with Flockhart, who’s shooting the new TV series Brothers & Sisters:

She’s up in the morning before [her 5-year-old son] Liam is awake. But it’s nice. I’m enjoying my time with him.

Wax or Real?

Think you can spot a Hollywood phony a mile away? Test your skills here: Does the poser belong on the red carpet or in Madame Tussauds?

1. Kiefer Sutherland

2. Al Roker

3. Jessica Simpson
4. Wayne Newton

1) Real 2) Wax 3) Wax 4) Real