July 17, 2006 12:00 PM


Lindsay Lohan caps a week of nonstop revelry with a wild weekend in Malibu

Her 20th birthday was July 2, but Lindsay Lohan began taxiing down the party runway a full week earlier. On June 25 she hit L.A. hot spot Hyde. On the 27th it was the Chateau Marmont, where she unveiled a new light brown do. Next night: back to Hyde, where she danced with a mystery man. On July 1 it was Hyde again, where pals including Mary-Kate Olsen sang “Happy Birthday.” On her actual birthday, Lohan greeted guests at a Great Gatsby-themed dinner party for 50 people catered by Kerry Simon (of eatery Simon L.A.) at Malibu’s Polaroid Beach House. Not surprisingly, that was only the pre-party; later 100 more guests, including Kate Bosworth and Owen Wilson, joined in. “Lindsay was running around like a busy bee, welcoming everyone,” a guest tells Scoop. “She was smiling and happy all night.” As the party finally wound down, Lohan and a few friends did karaoke (she chose “Don’t Stop Believin'” and “Jessie’s Girl”) and watched the sun rise over the ocean.


It’s a plotline worthy of Aaron Spelling’s prime-time soaps, with outsize characters to match: Days after the death of a millionaire patriarch, his family devolves into a pack of backstabbing infighters. (Cue the brawl in the fountain.) This time, it’s Spelling’s widow, Candy, 60, who’s firing at estranged daughter Tori, 32. After Tori accused her mother of not telling her of Aaron’s June 23 death, Candy responded in a June 29 statement: “We are deeply saddened that, during our time of loss … we are forced to respond to the media frenzy caused by [Tori’s] mean-spirited and surprising comments.” Though the statement was issued on behalf of “the Spelling family,” a source says it “did not go past [son] Randy.” With a family feud raging, how will Aaron’s fortune—estimated at $300-plus million, including his famous $51.5 million Holmby Hills estate—be divvied up? Stay tuned.


The Beloved Patriarch

Aaron beat cancer in 2001 but later battled Alzheimer’s.

The Widow

Born middle-class, Candy met Aaron at L.A.’s The Daisy Club in the ’60s.

The Good Son

Randy, the family peacekeeper, is currently filming an A&E reality show.

The Escort

Mark Nathanson, Candy’s frequent squire, served nearly four years for bribery.

Nick & Jessica: IT’S (REALLY) OVER!

Of course Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey felt some sadness when their divorce was finalized June 30, say friends of the former Newlyweds. Still, a source close to Simpson tells Scoop, “Both of them have moved on.” Indeed. Lachey, 32, spent the early morning hours of July 4 at Manhattan’s Butter kissing, cuddling—and getting lap dances from—his new squeeze, ET correspondent Vanessa Minnillo. Meanwhile, on July 1, Simpson, 26, headed to Southampton’s Pink Elephant, where she spent almost an hour laughing in a private cabana with Scrubs star Zach Braff at a party for Kritik Clothing. “Life goes on,” Simpson’s pal tells Scoop. “She’s not going to be hiding.”


Talk about a power playdate. Partaking in some pre-Fourth of July cheer, the Brad PittAngelina Jolie clan played host to Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale and their new son—Kingston, meet Shiloh—at their Santa Barbara home. The boys went jet skiing and rode ATVs, capturing it all on their cameras. Jolie and Pitt probably aren’t taking any chances with those pics. Last week Secret Service agents helped recover stolen shots of their Namibian baby shower, which had been tracked to two camera repairshop employees in Massachusetts. (They allegedly downloaded the photos from the broken camera of Jolie’s brother.) As of press they had not been charged or arrested, but a spokesperson for the L.A. district attorney’s office tells Scoop, “The investigation is ongoing.”

Heather and David: Flying the Friendly Skies

Heather Locklear and David “just a friend” Spade were together yet again hopping a jet to Vegas for a June 26 Steve Miller Band concert. Still, the relationship is “casual,” a Spade source insists. “They have fun together and love hanging out. But neither is looking for anything more.”


(For Now)

Sure, they’ve been pals for a year, but lately—whether frolicking on a Malibu beach or grabbing hers-‘n-hers Jamba Juices—Nicole Richie, 24, and Mischa Barton, 20, seem attached at the (tiny) hip. “They enjoy shopping and spending time together,” says a rep for the two. “Shocker! They really do get along.” Sadly, this pair is about to go long-distance: Barton plans to spend the rest of the summer in Europe.


Was it Shakespeare—or Jack LaLanne—who said summer is the season for tight tanks and fab abs? For bragging rights, match the celeb and physique.

1. Jessica Biel 2. Jessica Simpson 3. Lisa Rinna 4. Halle Berry

Q + A

Lance’s Next Ride

Off his bike and on the air, the 34-year-old cycling legend (and Sirius Satellite Radio host) talks to Scoop about hosting the ESPY Awards July 16 on ESPN

Are you nervous about the new gig?

People like Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson have done it—pros—so it’s tough company to follow. Let’s just hope I don’t butcher it.

What was it like when ex-fiancée Sheryl Crow announced she had cancer so soon after your breakup?

It was unbelievable. There’s a very strange irony there. Fortunately she caught it early, got on top of it, and now she’s back out [touring and] doing what she loves to do. Ultimately that’s our dream for all people diagnosed with cancer.

How do you keep in shape now?

I’m [training for] the New York marathon. It’s painful! Running is totally different from cycling—the impact on the body. I was like, “Whose idea was this?” No grand ambition; I’m just trying to finish.

C’mon. You don’t want to win it?

Those guys train hard, watch what they eat and go to bed early—things I don’t want to do anymore. I’m over that. I like to have a bit of fun.

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