October 17, 2005 12:00 PM


In her new video, Lindsay Lohan takes a look at her parents’ battles

For her directorial debut, Lindsay Lohan decided to focus on family. Specifically, the dark side. In the video for “Confessions of a Broken Heart,” which Lohan directed, actors playing her parents argue violently as a horrified young Lindsay (played by her sister Aliana, 11) cowers. The song “addresses her much-publicized family issues,” says her label’s Web site. A recording studio source confirms that the song is about Lohan’s messy relationship with her father, Michael, who is currently serving 16 months to 4 years in prison for crimes including driving while impaired. Partial lyrics: “A daddy to hold me, that’s what I needed/Why’d you have to go?” Says a source close to Lohan: “It’s a very emotional story for her. She has very strong feelings about it.” Lohan brought the song to a Tsunami Foundation benefit in Chicago Oct. 1, rocking out with the crowd as a deejay played it. Meanwhile, Michael, 45, and Lindsay’s mother, Dina, 43, are in the middle of a bitter divorce trial set to resume Oct. 19. Lohan, 19, attended earlier sessions, sitting by her mother’s side.

Yet More Lohan: The Crash

Freshly back in L.A. to work on her album, Lindsay Lohan smashed her Mercedes into a van while it was making a turn on North Robertson Blvd. on Oct. 4, police said, injuring the van’s driver, a Newsroom café employee. Lohan and a passenger were treated for minor injuries at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; the café employee was “pretty banged up,” said his manager. While her rep was quick to blame the incident on paparazzi—a group of photographers had followed Lohan as she shopped and dined at the Ivy earlier—one witness told People that “they couldn’t keep up” as the actress pulled ahead. Another witness said Lohan fled into an antiques store afterward, while her friend tried to gather witnesses. It was Lohan’s second accident this year.

Jen’s Ex Gets Axed

What’s up with Jennifer Garner‘s baby’s dad? Real-life pop-to-be Ben Affleck may be awaiting the arrival, but Michael Vartan—who dated Garner off-screen and whose Alias character fathered her Alias child—was killed off on the show’s Sept. 29 premiere. Vartan, 36, is now “actively looking for work,”.says his rep. He’s already landed a guest spot on FOX’s Kitchen Confidential.

After the Split: Work

Thought working with an ex was rough? How about being asked to be affectionate? That’s the case with One Tree Hill costars—and soon-to-be divorcés—Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush. The WB show’s script requires the ex-couple, who split in September after just five months of marriage, to cozy up to each other. “Their story lines will be crossing as [Bush’s character] Brooke tries to get [Murray’s character] Lucas to come back to her,” says an insider. “That will be the real test of their acting abilities.” So far, says the source, the two are “being professional and trying not to let this break between them affect their work or careers. They know that whatever’s happened to them in real life has to stay home.”

Angelina in Cyberspace

Coming to a Web site near you: Angelina Jolie‘s humanitarian world. An audiovisual diary of the actress’s five-day visit to the Congo in 2003 is available at, an Internet site created by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. “I am committed to using all mediums to reach the interested public about large-scale refugee populations,” Jolie tells Scoop. “This was a country that was receiving so little attention that anything I could do to increase awareness might be helpful.” Jolie, 30, notes that “1,000 people are dying every day because of the activities of the militia” in the war-ravaged African nation. Following her trip, she helped create a program to show the U.N. that Congolese kids should

have alternatives to joining armed groups. The actress “was the most humble and lowest maintenance visitor that I’ve ever worked with,” says John Prendergast, an adviser to the International Crisis Group. “Her ability to express empathy with the people was unparalleled.”

Remembering Peter

Peter Jennings passed away Aug. 7, but his legacy continues, among other places, on the wrists of his World News Tonight colleagues. “He really guided us and enriched our lives and helped us frame stories,” says executive producer Jon Banner, who ordered wristbands inscribed “What Would Peter Do?” for the show’s staff. “I thought this was sort of a way to keep this on all of our

minds….We try to be true to what he has taught us.” The blue wristbands have even caught on with ABC employees outside the evening news program. “Peter really set the standard for all of us and for the entire news division,” says Banner. “If we can do nothing more than try to live up to that, we’ll be in good shape.”

Super Baby

Welcome to Earth, Kal-el Coppola Cage. The newly born (Oct. 3) son of Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage, 41, and his third wife, Alice Kim Cage, 21, was named after the comic book hero Superman’s moniker on his native planet, Krypton. What led to the choice? Cage wouldn’t say, though he once owned an original copy of the 1938 Action Comic that introduced Superman, and he was slated to play the Man of Steel in a Tim Burton film in the 1990s before the project fell through. Will Cage, who has a 14-year-old son from a previous relationship, be a super dad? “I’ve got 15 years experience as a parent,” he said. “So I’m ready.” Besides, he said while touting his upcoming film The Weatherman, he loves kids: “There’s not a lot of filtering that goes on between a child’s heart and who the child meets, so I like that integrity.”


How might Mel Gibson have come up with his latest look?

Billy Joel + Saddam Hussein = Mel Gibson


Desperate Housewives‘s

Alfre Woodard

How unusual is Betty Applewhite, Alfre Woodard’s character on Desperate Housewives? For starters, there’s someone chained in her basement. Four-time Emmy winner Woodard, 52, a married mother of two, spoke with Scoop about the show while attending the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual conference in Washington, D.C.

Are people bugging you to reveal Betty’s secrets?

People love to guess. I think it’s funny that people actually come up with much more creepy and sometimes salacious mysteries.

So, how creepy and salacious is your character?

I just hope people don’t throw cabbages at me in the market. Until they understand me more fully, they could be pretty upset.

What’s a real-life dilemma that you’d like to see the show address?

My children are just so upfront about anything that comes to their mind about sex. They are uninhibited in telling you about it. I find myself having to make an adjustment constantly to not look shocked.

Any backstage harmony worries or is it peaches and cream on the set?

Peaches and cream is a false state of sweetness. So things aren’t peaches and cream. But we all enjoy each other. Everybody’s a grown woman, and we have a good time. Everybody has strong personalities, which means that we talk a lot, we’re opinionated, we laugh a lot.

Do you ever talk about housework?

Those women don’t do housework.

Do you?

I cook most days. And I pick my children’s drawers up off the floor. I feed dogs. I love clean floors.

Do you obsess about it, like Bree?

There’s a little Bree in me. I can’t walk by the dining room table without making sure the antique tablecloth is not rumpled up.

Is Wisteria Lane too white to reflect America?

Wisteria Lane is a send-up of the American suburbs. It does not reflect anything real at all. If it does, Lord help me if I ever move near these people.



PRICE: $1.4 million

PLACE: Beverly Hills

First Jack Osbourne lost weight. Now he’s shedding his bachelor pad. The youngest of MTV’s Osbourne clan, who dropped about 70 lbs. this year, is selling his Spanish-style, 2,300-sq.-ft. retreat with two bedrooms, a wet bar and patio. Osborne, 19, recently purchased a new Hollywood Hills home.

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