February 07, 2005 12:00 PM

Brad & Jen: Strictly Business

Though the future of their production company remains cloudy, the stars move on with their lives

Three weeks after the split heard around the world, is there another breakup in store for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston? Despite published reports that the two would continue working together in their movie-production company Plan B, a rep for the firm now says, “It’s in the process of being worked out. It’s too premature to decide that yet.” Pitt’s spokeswoman did say that he is in negotiations to star in a new western for the company, playing gunslinger Jesse James. Meanwhile, on the home front, life goes on—though in separate circles. Pitt has been spotted coming and going out of the couple’s $13.5 million Beverly Hills mansion, but Aniston has not been seen there since the breakup. Pitt also appeared relaxed, posing for paparazzi and signing autographs for fans after lunching with two friends at the L.A. hot spot Orso on Jan. 20. The actor is even reportedly set to poke fun at the meddlesome media in a Super Bowl spot for Heineken, which will feature Pitt being pursued by paparazzi after buying a six-pack. For her part, Aniston continues filming Friends with Money, a comedy costarring Scott Caan, in Santa Monica. And this week she hasn’t done as well as Pitt on the endorsement side: Britain’s Barclaycard decided not to extend her deal as a spokeswoman. The company says the decision was unrelated to the split.

And the Nominees Are…

Aw, shucks. The Oscar nominations, announced Jan. 25, brought out the humble side of Hollywood. “I thought I absolutely would get squeezed out,” says Vera Drake‘s Imelda Staunton. Notes Kate Winslet: “I’m so overwhelmed and thrilled and shocked.”

Best Actor

1. DON CHEADLE, Hotel Rwanda
2. JOHNNY DEPP, Finding Neverland
4.CLINT EASTWOOD, Million Dollar Baby

Best Actress

1. ANNETTE BENING, Being Julia
4. HILARY SWANK, Million Dollar Baby
5. KATE WINSLET, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Best picture




4. RAY


Courtney’s Fuller Figure

Gaining weight isn’t always bad. Just ask Courtney Love, who has a somewhat more substantial figure of late. Says her lawyer Howard Weitzman: “Courtney did put on some weight in the past few months, which is normal for people who give up the use of drugs and stimulants as she has.” Love, 40, was recently deemed fit enough to gain back custody of her 12-year-old daughter Frances Bean. “Courtney has an incredibly positive attitude.” says Weitzman.

Arm Candy

Cameron Diaz knows how to accessorize. Spotted Jan. 23 with a white brace on her right arm, the 32-year-old actress later dressed it up with a pink-striped wrap and brooch for a dinner with beau Justin Timberlake. (Diaz’s rep didn’t return calls asking about the brace.) Earlier that day the couple checked out a $13 million Pacific Palisades estate that’s up for sale.

Listening In

Who’s bugging Nicole Kidman? Australian police say a listening device was discovered in the garden opposite the actress’s suburban Sydney home on Jan. 23. There are no suspects yet, but in 1998 a journalist recorded a telephone conversation between Kidman and Tom Cruise and sold it to a tabloid newspaper.


Julia Roberts, out of sight since giving birth to twins Phinnaeus and Hazel on Nov. 28, was spotted Jan. 23 keeping busy in Taos, N. Mex., where she and husband Danny Moder have a home. Since arriving a few weeks ago, Roberts has shopped at a health food store, attended Pilates classes and dined out with Moder. “She looked radiantly beautiful and very happy,” says an onlooker.

Britney cuts Loose

Oops…I shred it again! Her sense of style has been questioned in the past—after all, she has appeared on Mr. Blackwell’s infamous Top 10 worst-dressed list five out of the last six years—so perhaps the sight of Britney Spears in an outfit that looks as if it has been not-so-professionally shortened by Edward Scissorhands shouldn’t be that surprising.


Sandra Oh

In one of the more memorable scenes in Sideways, just nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, Sandra Oh‘s character beats the heck out of her boyfriend. How did director Alexander Payne know she was capable of such rage? “Simple,” says Oh, 33. “He’s married to me.” The actress chatted with Scoop at the Palm Springs film festival.

Are you surprised by the success of Sideways?

When we were making it, our attitude was, “Woo-hoo, Fox gave us money! Right on!” And then suddenly people started liking it. I was totally surprised.

Tell us your favorite indulgence. A glass of Pinot Noir, as in the film?

Definitely food. To eat well is to live well. And, I hate to be such a typical lady, but I also love shoes and bags. I am so ashamed for being such a common woman.

What’s heaven on earth?

[The town of] Hana on Maui, on the beach.

Doing what?

Absolutely nothing.

But you were raised far away from the beach, right?

Nepean, Ont.—a lovely place to grow up. It is a typical Canadian town: safe, clean, and people are nice.

Proud to be a Canadian?

More now than I ever have been. As this country was reelecting the current Administration, the Canadian government [is on its way to] legalizing gay marriage and decriminalizing pot. Those are small things on the big scale of what is going on in the world, but they’re things where Canadians are far ahead.

Speaking of pot, your character, a single mother, smokes it in the film.

More than even smoking pot with her friends, Stephanie lets a strange man put her daughter to bed. That is something I don’t necessarily agree with, but it was a good comment on her character.

What is one of the strengths of your relationship with your husband?

It helps that we have very, very similar senses of humor. His can be a bit more wicked than mine. And more cerebral, I’d say.

What was your first impression of him?

Wow, that guy is extremely handsome.



PRICE: $2.89 million

PLACE: New York City

Interview with the Vampire author Anne Rice is selling her midtown apartment. The two-bedroom, l,582-sq.-ft. pad “is a little bit gothic,” says The Corcoran Group senior VP Wendy Sarasohn, who notes that a four-poster bed draped in a black curtain and a closet filled with black capes are available too. Also included: a smaller apartment next door.

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