January 31, 2005 12:00 PM



Days before his Jan. 22 wedding to model Melania Knauss, Donald Trump has no prenuptial jitters. “If I didn’t have a great woman, I would be much more nervous,” says the 58-year-old real estate mogul, speaking from the site of his new golf and housing development in Palos Verdes, Calif. Knauss feels confident too, enough to ignore tradition and pose in her wedding dress for the cover of Vogue before the ceremony. Not to say that there won’t be any stress in the marriage. “I’m in a business that’s very consuming, so it’s never easy for a woman,” says Trump, who has been married twice before. “But I think it will be very successful.” Still, he had Knauss, 34, sign a prenup, but “she totally understood,” he says. (Knauss declined to comment.) As for their 400-guest wedding, Trump has had a 17,000-sq.-ft. ballroom built at Mar-a-Lago, his Palm Beach resort, for the reception, where guests will dine on roast tenderloin of beef, chocolate truffle cake and champagne. And what does the future hold for the soon-to-be newlyweds? Perhaps little apprentices. “Melania would like to have children,” Trump says. “I’m up for it.”

Wedding Wish List

Want to get the happy couple a little something? Guests can opt to donate to the Red Cross tsunami relief fund in the Trumps’ name. Or choose among items registered at Tiffany and Bergdorf Goodman, including:

Sterling silver footed pitcher…$2,250

Sugar bowl and creamer set…$3,500

Brass alarm clock…$195

Flora Danica dinner plate…$2,500

Christofle soup ladle…$265


Martha Stewart, past the midway point of her five-month prison stint, already has plans—lots of plans—for what comes next. Not only will she host a daily syndicated show on NBC next fall, but according to a source close to Stewart, a deal is in the works for her to star in a prime-time spinoff of NBC’s The Apprentice. Another source says the new show won’t be a carbon copy of the reality hit: “I couldn’t imagine they would use a boardroom. They would tailor something more appropriate for Martha.”

Then again, Donald Trump hasn’t yet signed on for a fourth season of The Apprentice, which raises the possibility of Stewart simply sliding into Trump’s boardroom seat. Last month NBC Universal president Jeff Zucker said that Trump will “hopefully” be the star of the show for years to come. As for Stewart’s prime-time project, NBC had no comment.

Taxes? What Taxes?

Although his wits helped him win the first season of Survivor, Richard Hatch, it now turns out, made one very, very bad bet: that the IRS wouldn’t notice when a large, often-naked man won $1 million on a hugely popular TV show. But Uncle Sam, it seems, is a Survivor fan. The result: On Jan. 18 Hatch, 43, was charged with two counts of tax evasion (he allegedly failed to declare $321,000 in income from 2001 too). A plea agreement may get him a reduced sentence. Hatch, who faces up to 10 years in prison and a $500,000 fine, was unavailable for comment.

Love Gets Back Her Bean

“Life is about choices, and I’ve chosen to move forward with my life in a healthy and positive way,” said Courtney Love after an L.A. judge ruled Jan. 10 that her daughter Frances Bean, 12, will be returned to her custody. The troubled rocker is probably better known for her often disastrous choices—it was an overdose of painkillers and an arrest for being under the influence of a controlled substance that led to her daughter’s being placed with relatives in 2003. Love, who entered rehab last July and has continued with counseling, says, “I am looking forward to the future.”

Happy Housewife?

Sultry Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria may have rung in the New Year in Miami with ‘N Sync’s JC Chasez, but her leading man in 2005 appears to be San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker. The actress, a Texas native, has attended several Spurs games since being introduced to the basketball star on Nov. 24. A source close to the Belgian-born Parker says his relationship with Longoria is definitely a “romance.”

Law and Order Exit Surprise

“What better way to say goodbye to your character than with a splash?” says Elisabeth Rohm of her final Law & Order episode, which aired Jan. 12. When her character, Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn, is told that she is being fired, Southerlyn replies, “Is it because I’m a lesbian?” In four years, the actress notes, Southerlyn’s personal life was rarely discussed. The twist was decided upon by Rohm and producer Dick Wolf, who “had a million ideas for the scene.” Rohm settled on this one because, she says, her character felt strongly about gay rights. “It was kind of ironic because I had created secrets for Serena,” says Rohm. “I said, ‘I always knew she was a lesbian.'” Meanwhile, As the World Turns vet Annie Parisse stepped in to play yet another smart, hard-charging prosecutor Jan. 19, while Rohm pursues film projects.

Lindsay Does Louisiana

Lindsay Lohan‘s latest hangout? A small college bar in New Orleans, where she’s filming her upcoming movie about a young woman who gets jinxed. On Jan. 11 Lohan partied with costar Samaire Armstrong (The O.C.) at the Boot, a pub near Tulane University, where they danced under a banner that read “Girls Gone Wild.” They slipped out the back door at 2 a.m. to return to their hotel. A rep for Lohan says the actress will be shooting in New Orleans until the end of February.


Robert Redford

Snow? Movies? Weinsteins and angsty auteurs? Yes, it’s time for Park City, Utah’s annual Sundance Film Festival. “It means a lot to me,” says founder and patriarch Robert Redford. “I’ve devoted so much of my life to it.” The actor, 68, spoke with Scoop about the festival’s beginnings, its audience and two classic Redford flicks.

What was your original goal?

It was just to have a development process for new voices in film, to have a place to work free of the constricts of mainstream filmmaking, which was moving toward more big-budget youth-related films.

What do you remember about the early days?

The first few years we had about 32 films with two theaters. I was standing out there ushering people into theaters. “Hey, you want to come see a film?” They’d say, “Yeah, you come with me and I’ll go.” So it was a struggle.

When did things change?

When Sex, Lies and Videotape came [in 1989] and broke through. The festival began to draw merchants like Miramax. Then the celebrities started to come, and the media, and fashion.

Any worries about the Parts Hiltons of the world overshadowing the films?

No, not really, because finally they’re not in Garden State or Maria Full of Grace or Motorcycle Diaries. If those people want to come, great. But it is not the heart of what we do. I like to keep it humble.

When was the last time you saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?

I never saw it fully. When [director] George Roy Hill showed me a rough cut he didn’t tell me there was a song in it called “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head.” I said, “What the hell is that? First of all, it’s not raining. Boy, you killed this project.” Talk about being wrong.

How about The Sting?

I had never seen The Sting either until my grandchild, who’s 11, was looking for a film to see this summer. So we’re going through the videos under “classics” and I saw The Sting there. So we watched it. We had a hell of a time. He loved it.



PRICE: a reported $3.4 million

PLACE: Bronte, Australia

Heath Ledger (The Patriot, A Knight’s Tale, 10 Things I Hate About You) has hit the beach. The Australian native recently moved into a five-bedroom nest overlooking both the Pacific and a nearby park, in a suburb just east of Sydney. The four-story home includes a Jacuzzi on the top floor, four bathrooms and two garages.



Ricky Martin Visits Kids In Thailand

After seeing footage of the tsunami wreckage in South Asia, Ricky Martin decided to do what he could. “It was impossible for me to stay home with my arms crossed,” the 33-year-old singer says. So Martin flew to Thailand Jan. 12 for a three-day stay; he met with the prime minister and visited a hospital and a school. He tried to raise awareness of child trafficking, which he has crusaded against in the past, though there is little evidence of a rise in the practice in that area. He brought the kids Hershey’s chocolates and beef jerky. Although the Red Cross has voiced some skepticism regarding celebrity visits to the region, Nicole Kidman has announced plans to visit Indonesia this month, and Angelina Jolie hopes to go to Sri Lanka in the near future.

Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova recuperates with the help of her family

Two weeks after losing her boyfriend, photographer Simon Atlee, and breaking her pelvis in the tsunami, Petra Nemcova was flown to a hospital in Prague. While surrounded by family, she’s recuperating slowly: She sat up for the first time on Jan. 15 and is now up to exercising 90 minutes a day. She hopes to be able to walk soon. “She has a strong will. She goes after what she sets her mind on,” says her father, bricklayer Oldrich Nemec. He adds that Petra, 25, has stopped taking all painkillers. “She told me that she would rather suffer than damage her body,” he says.

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