By People Staff
June 06, 2005 12:00 PM

Angelina’s Other Man


As if she needed another reason to set tongues wagging, Angelina Jolie stepped out and about with her ex-husband, actor Jonny Lee Miller, during a recent stay in London. On May 19 Jolie caught Miller performing in the play Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me, and afterward the duo dined together at the chic Ivy restaurant. Two nights later the pair (joined by another man) had dinner at the hot spot Nobu. “She looked stunning,” said an observer. “There was quite a lot of laughing. They were all clearly enjoying themselves. You could tell [she] and Johnny are still very good friends. A few times I noticed her hand reaching over to touch his, but it was a playful pat.” Reps for Jolie, 29, and Miller, 32, who were wed from 1996 to 1999, had no comment. This isn’t the first time that the couple have sparked reunion talk. In 2003 the pair were spotted cuddling at a party. Jolie insisted they were simply close friends.


Brad Pitt has been living la vida low-key for the past couple of weeks while filming the drama Babel in Morocco. “He stays in his suite virtually all the time,” said a source at the five-star hotel where the star hunkers down after 12-hour shoots in the blistering heat. Still, Pitt finds the energy to play with the local children, ride his motorcycle in the desert and chat “constantly” on his cell phone, according to an insider on the set. Pitt is also now wearing a silver ring. “Brad won’t tell anyone what it’s all about,” he says. “He just smiles and says, ‘That would be telling.’ ”

The Married Life

Renée Zellweger and Kenny Chesney’s exotic honeymoon? “We went to Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Dallas and San Antonio,” says Chesney. “I had to go on [tour].” And now it’s Zellweger’s turn to get to work, promoting her new film Cinderella Man. But the two have been able to stay at each other’s sides—even if it’s behind the scenes. First Zellweger hung backstage while Chesney appeared at the Academy of Country Music Awards May 17; then Chesney did likewise for his bride’s May 24 appearance on The Tonight Show, during which she waved at her husband and noted, “Isn’t he cute?”


Penélope Cruz’s hero? Mother Teresa, upon whom Cruz fondly reflects in a documentary, The Beatification of Mother Teresa: Still Moving Souls, partially shown at Cannes. Cruz has been a longtime fan: She volunteered at Mother Teresa’s Calcutta mission, and in ’98 she donated the paycheck from her first English-language film, The Hi-Lo Country, to the nun’s children’s sanctuary. The documentary is expected to be released worldwide in December.


Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber

Has Naomi developed a passion for Liev? According to reports, the duo attended the U2 concert on May 21 in Manhattan, and the Australian actress spent the night sitting on the Manchurian Candidate star’s lap before going backstage to meet the band. The two also met up at an afterparty for a Sting concert and a roast for actor Fisher Stevens, and had coffee at Manhattan’s Magnolia Bakery. Schreiber couldn’t be reached, and a rep for Watts wouldn’t comment.

Advice from the Stars


“Make peace where it is precious. Help plant trees. Help embrace diversity and celebrate difference. Help stop gridlock.”

TOM HANKS, giving advice to Vassar College’s graduating seniors

“Can’t we accept that devotion to the building of body politic is more complex and a little more sensitive than devotion to body building?”

WARREN BEATTY taking a thinly veiled jibe at California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger while addressing graduate students at U.C. Berkeley

“Find out what you love and do it every day. Or you’ll be dragging [yourself] to a job you hate. You don’t want that.”

SPIKE LEE, speaking to the University of Miami’s senior class

“I didn’t prepare a bunch of stuff to say to you guys because I know you want to get out of here and get drunk.”

DENIS LEARY, in a commencement speech at Emerson College


For the first time in years, America’s favorite commencement speaker will not be addressing graduates. Cosby, 67, is currently fighting a civil lawsuit in which he is accused of sexual misconduct.


Li’l Mick? Not exactly, but Lucas Morad Jagger, 6, Mick Jagger’s son with Brazilian model Luciana Morad. is clearly a chip off the old stone. The 61-year-old singer, whose band begins touring in August, is now a father of seven—and a grandfather too.

Julia for Sale

How much is Julia Roberts worth? Large-scale Polaroid portraits of the 37-year-old actress, taken by celebrity photographer Sante D’Orazio, will be auctioned to benefit Free Arts NYC, which provides drama, dance and other arts programs to disadvantaged children. Though the April 27 shoot was to be an hour, Roberts “stayed two hours because we were so fascinated with taking pictures,” says D’Orazio, adding that as a new mom, “she was lit up.” Sean Penn, Naomi Watts and Liv Tyler are set to host the June 8 auction, which also features prints by other photographers. More information about the event can be found at

Tori Spelling‘s Birthday Bonanza

Tori Spelling celebrated her 32nd birthday at a May 17 party thrown by her husband, actor-writer Charlie Shanian, 26, and her brother Randy, 26, at Trader Vic’s in—where else—Beverly Hills. About 75 guests downed tropical food and drinks, while Spelling gracefully accepted 32 gifts—some wrapped in Tweety Bird paper. “She looked relaxed and happy. She was very tanned,” said a friend, noting that Spelling had just returned from Beverly Hills, 90210 pal Jason Priestley’s Bahamas wedding the previous day (her actual birthday). “She was talking to her friends about the wedding and [her reality show pilot] NoTORIous,” says the source. NBC passed on the show, so Spelling is shopping it to other networks.


Emmy Winner

Ellen DeGeneres

On May 20, at the Daytime Emmys, Ellen DeGeneres took home two trophies—one for herself as best talk show host, the other for her show—and presented Merv Griffin with a Lifetime Achievement Award. “He said, ‘I watch you every day.’ That was pretty cool,” says DeGeneres, 47, who talked about her wins with Scoop.

This is the second year in a row that you’ve won an Emmy for best talk show. Feeling invincible?

To defend the title is always tough. It always feels good to win. You say it doesn’t matter, but you’re sitting there going, “Please, let it be me!”

Who knew your calling was daytime television?

When we started, everybody said, Really? You’re not going to do nighttime? People think I’m edgier than I really am.

Do you ever miss your previous careers?

Stand-up drove me crazy. I hated traveling and being in a hotel room every night. I liked that feeling of being onstage, but that was one hour a day. The sitcom was great, but I felt like I was [getting] a little stagnant.

How would you handle yourself as a guest?

I would just be exactly what I am now, which is conversational. I wouldn’t worry about bringing bits and film clips and things.

Define a bad guest.

One word answers. I would rather somebody talk nonstop or be kind of spacey or goofy and weird.

The secret to your success?

I don’t edit myself. I really do try to be that spontaneous and that free so that the audience doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

What’s the difference between talking to you in real life and on the show?

I don’t have to cut to commercials when I’m talking to somebody at a party.

Ever think about how long you’ll do this?

I just signed on for six more years. I could see doing it longer. Oprah‘s done it a long time, and Leno and Letterman and Carson. At some point the dancing isn’t going to be cute anymore. Like, when I have a walker.



PRICE: $11 million

PLACE: New York City

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons is selling his 13-room penthouse, a 7,000-sq.-ft. duplex with media, meditation and game rooms once featured on the MTV series Cribs. Near the site of the World Trade Center, the building was damaged in the 9/11 attack but has been completely renovated. Simmons now lives in New Jersey.