By People Staff
November 22, 2004 12:00 PM
  • Family Feud

When Lindsay Lohan saw her dad, Michael, quoted in a magazine story about her recent hospital stay, saying, “I’ve heard the rumors, and I won’t condone drinking and drugs,” the teen queen reached her boiling point. “She’s sick and tired of hearing her father 24-7 on Howard Stern and Celebrity Justice and Extra,” says a family friend. So Lohan unleashed a mini-media attack of her own on Nov. 8, telling Access Hollywood, “I have tried to keep quiet long enough. Unfortunately, my father has continued to move forward with his actions as a cry for attention. He has started false allegations regarding myself and the cause of my illness. I feel this is hurtful, and it angers me to see that my own father would stoop to such a level.”

Lindsay, 18, has not seen her dad since August, when she was dining at the L.A. hot spot Koi with a friend. Michael showed up unexpectedly. The Mean Girls star politely said hello “but then asked him to leave,” says the family insider, who adds that Michael later told gossip columnists that the chance meeting was a happy reunion. Last month Lindsay did not allow Michael to visit while she was hospitalized for fever and exhaustion.

Michael, a New York investment banker, maintains he was misquoted and attributes the rift to bad people surrounding his daughter. “Lindsay is a money machine,” he adds. “They’re all feeding off her.” He says that Lindsay is treating her boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, as “a father figure”: “How can she look to a 24-year-old guy with no life experience?” Michael has had a rocky year, including a separation from Dina, 42, his wife of 19 years, and a guilty plea for attacking a sanitation worker (he has agreed to take an anger-management class). For now, Lindsay is keeping her distance. “It’s hurting her,” says a friend, “but she has her mom, her boyfriend and her close friends.”


Internet rumors to the contrary, Lindsay Lohan was not in rehab the first weekend of November. Instead, she lounged poolside at the Parker Palm Springs resort with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama before heading to Fred Segal in Santa Monica on Nov. 7 (left) for a little shopping. That night she dropped by Guy’s club in L.A. (right) for a jazz session, where Jack Osbourne was celebrating his birthday.


  • Tara Reid’s reaction to her wardrobe malfunction at P. Diddy‘s Nov. 4 birthday bash in Manhattan? “I just can’t get a break,” Reid told Scoop. “It’s like people expect this to happen to me.” What happened, as most young men with access to the Internet now know, is that a strap on the actress’s gown slipped off her shoulder while she was on the red carpet, exposing her left breast. Unaware, Reid, 29, continued to pose until a rep ran over to help. Inside, an upset Reid was comforted by her former fiancé, Carson Daly. But any embarrassment faded by the weekend, when she was spotted partying at a new Manhattan club, Pink Elephant. Says a club rep: “[Tara] put her heart and soul into playing the bongos and danced on the banquette.”


Embarrassing: having a breast fall out of your dress. Perhaps more embarrassing: having the moment commemorated four days later on a T-shirt worn by ‘N Syncer Joey Fatone in L.A.

A Smooth Delivery for New Mom Mira

Mira Sorvino knows how to get things done quickly: She met actor Chris Backus in August 2003, got engaged within a month and had two weddings—one a private civil service, the other a hilltop ceremony in Italy’s Capri—this past summer. Her latest fast take? Giving birth to their daughter Mattea Angel Backus. “The whole process only took five hours,” says a friend about the Nov. 3 delivery in Los Angeles. Mattea weighed in at 8 lbs. and, with support from Backus, 23, all went smoothly for the new mom and baby. “Chris was amazing,” says Sorvino, 37, “the best husband you could wish for.” Adds Backus: “[Mattea] is the cutest little baby in the whole wide world.” Mattea should be set at home, as Mom and Dad purchased a white crib, white armoire, dresser and custom bedding for the baby’s room at Bellini boutique in Beverly Hills.

  • Nick Carter won’t always have Paris. Last week the singer got a skull-and-crossbones tattoo at a Marathon, Fla., parlor to cover up the “Paris” tattoo he got on his wrist in July when he and Paris Hilton were still going strong. (They split three weeks later.) Even after the breakup Carter seemed content with his link by ink. “No, [I don’t regret the tattoo] because I love [Paris],” he told Scoop at the time. “She’ll have a place in my heart always.” His heart? Perhaps. His wrist? Now, not so much.


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner‘s romance headed north last weekend when Garner flew to Vancouver to be with her sweetie, who’s there filming the comedy Man About Town. The couple, often together since the summer, took in a flick at the Tinseltown theater in the International Village mall (above). In small-screen news, producers for Alias deny a report that Affleck will guest-star with Garner this season.

  • No wedding would be complete without some nimble navigation of the seating plan. Throw in a few royals and things can get mighty complicated. As when Prince William, 22 (above right), ushered guests at the Nov. 6 marriage ceremony of one of his closest friends, banker Edward van Cutsem, 31, who wed Lady Tamara Grosvenor, 24. Among those attending were Will’s girlfriend and housemate Kate Middleton, 22; Jecca Craig, 22, with whom the prince was said to have had a “pretend engagement” while on a 2001 vacation in Kenya; and Natalie Hicks-Lobbecke, linked by the British press—erroneously—with Will a while back. At least William and his brother Harry, 20, did not have to negotiate where to seat their father, Prince Charles, 56, and his companion, Camilla Parker Bowles, 57. Royal protocol dictated that the unmarried couple could not sit together, so the two decided not to attend, even though the groom is Charles’s godson.


Legal lesson No. 1 from Burt Reynolds: Land the first punch. On Nov. 8, the actor, 68, filed a preemptive lawsuit against ex-girlfriend Pamela Seals, 48, claiming she was trying to extort money by threatening to falsely accuse him of mental and physical abuse. He asked for unspecified damages. Seals, who says Reynolds reneged on a promise to buy her a $500,000 condo, followed by filing a palimony suit in L.A. the next day. Reynolds began dating Seals, then a cocktail lounge manager, in 1993 while he was still married to actress Loni Anderson. They split earlier this year. “He cared about her,” says Reynolds’s lawyer. “He had no legal obligation to give her anything.” Responds Seals’s lawyer: “She is looking for [Burt] to live up to the promises he made. She doesn’t wish him any ill will.”


Dr. Phil & Jay McGraw

Dr. Phil McGraw, 50, hosts one of the most popular self-help talk shows on television. His son Jay, 25, also dispenses advice, as the host of FOX’s Renovate My Family. Their worlds come together Nov. 12 and 19, when Dr. Phil drops by Jay’s show as a guest star. Scoop talked with father and son recently.

Dr. Phil, did you raise Jay as your parents raised you?

Not even close! My mother and father were from a different generation. I didn’t have a whole lot of involvement with my dad. I’m very involved with both my boys. [Son Jordan, 18, is a high school student.]

Jay, what’s the best advice your dad gave you?

To complete my education.

What do you two have in common? How do you differ?

JAY: We have a lot in common. The biggest difference is that I’m half his age and I have hair.

DR. PHIL: The greatest similarity is our sense of humor and work ethic.

Jay, do you remember the first time you got in trouble?

I was in eighth grade and I wanted to shave my head because the basketball team was considering doing it. I asked my mom and she said no. I went ahead, and I got in trouble, not for shaving my head but for disobeying my mom. And I pretty much agreed with the punishment. I was not allowed to ride my four-wheeler [ATV].

Dr. Phil, what do you think about Jay going into the same business as you?

I’m proud of what he’s doing. Jay was an undergraduate in psychology and business, then graduated from SMU law school. He’s using all of that hard work and education to do some meaningful television.

Jay, has your dad given you any tips for the show?

My dad gives me advice about everything.

Dr. Phil, what’s the best Father’s Day gift Jay gave?

Last Father’s Day he gave me a completely customized and rebuilt 1967 Mustang. He bought it and he spent almost a year completely rebuilding it. It’s supercool. But I’m not so sure if he gave it to me or he gave it to us. He sure has used it a lot.



PRICE: $8.7 million

PLACE: New York City

Shall we sell? Richard Gere isn’t dancing around the question. The actor recently unloaded his Fifth Avenue apartment in Manhattan. The prewar condo offers views of Central Park and features four bedrooms, two maid’s rooms, 5½ baths, a library and fireplace. Gere also has a Greenwich Village residence.