February 16, 2004 12:00 PM


Sometimes familiarity breeds content. Just ask Jennifer and Angelina

How do you mend a broken heart? For Jennifer Lopez, it helps to seek comfort with an ex. After signing off on Bennifer, Lopez has been on the phone with her second husband, dancer-choreographer Cris Judd. According to a source close to Judd, she has called him at least three times since her Jan. 22 split with Ben Affleck. “He has always been a good listener,” says the source. “I’m sure she’s been giving him an earful about her current situation.” But don’t expect to see Lopez—who married Judd in September 2001 and left him for Affleck the following summer—reunited with Judd anytime soon. “She wasn’t asking to get back with him,” says the source. “And he learned his lesson. He’s grown up a lot since he and Jennifer broke up.” Besides, Lopez has been focusing on work: She just recorded a song produced by former flame Marc Anthony, with whom she had a friendly dinner after the Golden Globes on Jan. 25. (See page 20 for more on Anthony’s own relationship drama.)

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie was also circling back to an ex. The 28-year-old actress, who filed for divorce from Billy Bob Thornton in 2002 and was linked last month with Colin Farrell, was seen kissing her first husband, British actor Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting). Although their reps deny the two are back together, things looked cozy at a West Hollywood tattoo parlor on Jan. 29, where they were seen locking lips. Jolie—who walked down the aisle with Miller’s name written in blood across the back of her shirt and recently bought a house in the suburbs of London (he lives in the city’s center)—said in 2000 that “there is a very good possibility that we could get married again.”

I Do, I Don’t, I Do, I Don’t

Return those wedding presents—again. Latin pop star Marc Anthony and ex-Miss Universe Dayanara Torres want out of their marriage for the second time. Anthony, 35, and Torres, 29, first wed in an impromptu Las Vegas ceremony in 2000, then separated in July 2002. But after reconciling, they decided to renew their vows in a lavish $500,000 affair five months later in Puerto Rico.

On Jan. 20, however, the relationship hit the rocks again. Torres filed for divorce after former supper-club hostess Elizabet Leyva claimed her 2-month-old son Antonio Luis is the salsa singer’s child. But Anthony’s attorney Orin Snyder says a DNA test proves that the Grammy winner isn’t the father. “The results confirm what Marc Anthony has known all along,” said Snyder in a statement.

Not so fast. “There are no other possible fathers,” says Leyva’s lawyer R. Matthew Gentile, who adds that Leyva, 21, will request a court-supervised DNA test. Says Leyva: “I feel surprised by the results of the exam. I intend to continue to dispute them in court. My only interest is the care of the child.”

Torres, whose attorney didn’t return calls, also has her children in mind. She is seeking child support and health insurance for her two sons with Anthony, Cristian, 3, and Ryan, 6 months.


After spending $25 million of his own money to produce his upcoming movie The Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson is now determined to fill theater seats. The movie’s portrayal of Jews has already sparked controversy, but an undaunted Gibson has enlisted Christian marketing firms to promote the film, set up special screenings for religious groups—and launched a full-blown merchandising campaign. Passion lapel pins, witness cards and free “fan kits”—including door hangers, posters and bookmarks—are already available on the Web. Although there are no plans to sell action figures, Gibson okayed a promotion painted on the hood of Bobby Labonte’s NASCAR vehicle for the Feb. 15 Daytona 500. Gibson says he’s not doing anything out of the ordinary. A spokesman told NPR that it would be foolish not to sell tie-ins because, after all, every Hollywood production does. Passion is set for release on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 25.

P. Diddy in Daddy-Pay Battle

The mother of Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’s first son, Justin, 10, wants a lot more child support. Misa Hylton-Brim, 30, a fashion stylist who has worked with Serena Williams, went to court in New Rochelle, N.Y., on Jan. 20 to ask for a $30,000 increase in her $5,512 monthly check. “It is about parity,” says Hylton-Brim, who believes that model Kim Porter, 33, the mother of Combs’s other son Christian, 5, is getting $35,000 a month. (The amount of Porter’s child support has not been publicly acknowledged.) Combs can afford it, adds Hylton-Brim. A source close to Combs—who was worth a reported $293.7 million in 2002—says the rap mogul pays for Justin’s private school: “This is a case of adult support.”

Combs fixed another legal problem, though, on Feb. 2. He settled a $3 million lawsuit filed by his former driver Wardel Fenderson, who claimed he was ordered to speed away from cops after a Dec. 27, 1999, New York City nightclub shooting. The amount of the settlement was undisclosed.

As for Hylton-Brim, she promises to pursue her case, though she says she knows some call her a “hoochie mama looking for drama…. [Combs] banks on me folding, but I’m going to finish what I started.” A hearing is scheduled for Feb. 6.


Who Said You Can’t Drink the Water?

Since they arrived on Panama’s Pearl Islands, the Survivor: All-Stars have avoided drinking the water. The Survivor manual prudently warns that unboiled water can’t be trusted, but the gang was still trying to ignite its first flame. As Rudy put it, “We can’t drink the water, because we don’t have fire.” Host Jeff Probst kept the survivors’ fears on the boil, telling his increasingly worried group, “As Rudy says, the water is of no value.” Oh, really? According to Dr. Ligia Castro, a Panama City-based public-water expert, the ground water on the island is generally drinkable thanks to low pollution and lots of rainfall, which is why Susan, who finally gave in and drank from the well, didn’t get sick on the first episode. Jerri’s warning that it could contain “brain parasites that will put you in a coma”…doesn’t hold much water.


He’s married—without children. David Faustino, 29, who played young Bud Bundy on the raunchy sitcom Married…with Children, wed actress Andrea Elmer, 28, on Jan. 24 in Las Vegas, at the same Little White Wedding Chapel where Britney Spears tied the knot. “It feels good,” said Faustino, who enlisted his chocolate Lab Sophie as ring bearer. “I feel like an adult.”


Ray Romano

After eight seasons starring in the CBS hit Everybody Loves Raymond, Ray Romano moves to the big screen on Feb. 20 with Welcome to Mooseport. Although he still loves his TV work, Romano, 46, harbors some doubts about whether the series will return for another year. Scoop caught up with him in Santa Monica, Calif.

Every time we fly American Airlines, they’re showing Raymond. Do you find that strange when you fly?

It’s fun unless it’s an episode you don’t like. [laughs] Then it is kind of hide your head. This is gonna sound horrible, but I get to fly first-class now, and nobody in first class cares. They are too far into themselves.

Are you a reality-TV fan?

I like American Idol. And I just got hooked on Average Joe. I can’t not watch it. You just see this real self-consciousness and…I have been there.

Were you an Average Joe?

I am flattered because that is saying I am not now. As far as dating and all that—it’s funny and almost ironic that you get a TV show and a little popularity and you probably could be a little more successful in that area…and that boat has passed already.

How many seasons would you like to see Raymond go?

What time is it now?

It’s just a few weeks before you have to start figuring out the season finale.

We already have the season finale. It is outlined but not written yet. It will either be the season finale or the series finale. We are still making that decision.

So you might call it quits?

We are at the point where we feel the end coming. We want to get out before we say, “Yeah, this is the end.”

The network wants you back?

Oh yeah. CBS wants it to go forward. I think most of the cast wants it to go on.

How has the show changed your life?

You get asked to do a lot of things. You have to say no a lot more, which is hard for me. But I’m not complaining. Before, I would think my cab driver hates me. Now I think my limo driver hates me. It’s the same thing.



PRICE: $3.7 million

PLACE: Brentwood, Calif.

SPECS: Neve Campbell “wants to downsize to something cozier,” says listing agent Susan Gitlin of Prudential John Aaroe Realty. So her 6,000-sq.-ft. Cape Cod-style house is on the market. Built in 1946, it features ocean views and a dance studio—a natural for the star of the ballet film The Company.

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