July 21, 2003 12:00 PM

The Homeys

David Arquette and Courteney Cox Arquette share the secrets of living together in harmony

Courteney Cox Arquette, 39, with her husband, David Arquette, 32, has turned her love for remodeling into a TV series titled Mix It Up. (It premieres in October on the WE: Women’s Entertainment cable network.) The show is based on the experiences—the better word might be “conflicts”—the two had after moving in together in the late ’90s. The couple, who celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary June 12, answered questions at the Television Critics Association press tour in Hollywood July 8.

Courteney, you seem to have refined taste while your husband has more outrageous taste. True?

Courteney: David brings home a lot of things, and I have to try to work them in. David likes everything from miniature pigs to large shoes to…

David: Bobbleheads.

Courteney: He calls it collections. I like to call it junk. It’s just a difference in our opinions…[When we moved in together] I incorporated his stuff. It made my house more fun and colorful. And I was in love, so I incorporated some things that my mother couldn’t believe. For instance, a woman in bondage, on her back, for the glass table. It was a collectible piece from A Clockwork Orange, so it’s okay. It’s not just because he likes naked women.

Did you have any knock-down arguments?

Courteney: We probably have more arguments now because we are more comfortable. We just moved into a new house. It’s very sleek, very white, and David comes home with these big huge letters that spell out “The Golden Rooster.” It’s nice, but where does it go? I just stared at the living room wall and thought, “No.” So I put it up on a big beam and it’s okay.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are building a home. What kind of tips do you exchange?

Courteney; When I go to their house, I can’t believe the ideas Brad has. I learn from seeing what he does.

Are there designs you had in your homes that you look back at and wonder what you were thinking?

Courteney: Oh yeah. I’ve bought and sold so many houses now that I look back and I can’t believe that I would go out to flea markets at 6 o’clock in the morning, and it was so important for me to have furniture with square nails and old boards from, like, Little House on the Prairie. I’m not saying that’s bad taste, but it is not what I’m into now.

How many houses have you owned?

Courteney: Seven.

In how many years?

Courteney: Ten.

Any similarities to Monica?

David: No. Our dogs sleep in our bed. Monica would never have that.

Where do you stand on pinball machines?

Courteney: We have a karaoke room. It has a pinball machine, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Foosball, a pool table, a big disco ball, lights and a whole karaoke setup with a little stage.

What’s your song?

David: “Maybe I’m Amazed” [the Paul McCartney tune]. We love the Beatles.

Payback Time

J.Lo sues her former manager, the man who helped make her a star

Last month, when Jennifer Lopez cut ties with her longtime manager, Benny Medina, the split seemed friendly. “Sometimes, however difficult, change can be a positive thing,” said Lopez in a statement. “Benny is someone who has helped me both personally and professionally in countless ways.”

And then the other Manolo dropped. On July 2 Lopez, 33, slapped Medina, 45, with a lawsuit to recover money he made during the five years he represented Lopez. Among the complaints: Lopez accuses Medina of misdirecting $100,000 of the star’s earnings for his personal use and asks for the total amount back—plus 10 percent interest. Lopez also alleges that Medina purposefully withheld information from her and acted against her best interests to the detriment of both her professional relationships and her personal life. “Jennifer tried for weeks to resolve this amicably,” says Lopez’s lawyer Barry Hirsch. “This was a last resort.”

Medina denies any wrongdoing. “Jennifer is an amazingly talented person who has found herself with advisers that, I think, are on some form of a witch hunt,” he says. “Ultimately, I don’t think there’s anything she would ever want to do to hurt me as a person or to insult what it was we did together. I know we will resolve this. | don’t feel there’s any need to participate in this kind of legal battle in public.”

Anatomy of a Rumor

Like most Americans, Ben and J.Lo did not get married last week

BUZZ A large reception is booked for July 4th weekend at historic Hildene manor in Manchester, Vt. Whispers on the street suggest that Ben Affleck, who briefly attended the University of Vermont, is involved. A local deejay mentions the rumor on air. “That’s when it spread like wildfire,” says Manchester police spokesman Chris Brickell.


Local TV picks up the scent. On July 4 two Albany stations report that J.Lo and Ben will supposedly tie the knot in Manchester.

Boiling Point

Out-of-town journalists descend. Reporters and photographers from national news outlets arrive to stake out the town.

Burst Bubble

The wedding of the New York couple who had actually booked Hildene takes place as planned. Affleck and Lopez, couver (below) for the holiday weekend.

Hunter’s Change of Heart

Even though they have never officially split, Rod Stewart and his wife, Rachel Hunter, have been estranged since 1999—which is why it came as something of a surprise when Hunter filed for divorce June 16. According to court papers, Hunter sought joint custody of their two children. (To date, no one has officially put a dollar amount on a settlement.) Then three days later, Hunter withdrew her divorce request just as suddenly. Why the to and fro? Neither Hunter nor Stewart is talking about the reasons for the about-face. However, sources say tension has been simmering between the couple recently. Both stars attended the Laureus World Sports Awards in Monte Carlo in May, and according to an onlooker, Hunter was visibly displeased with Stewart’s girlfriend of three years, British lingerie model Penny Lancaster. When Lancaster performed a sultry dance for Stewart, 58, at a local nightclub after the awards dinner, Hunter “had a face like thunder,” says the witness. “She wasn’t happy about it at all.”

Crime Scene

Last week, for perhaps the first time, the words glamor, diamonds, murder and Winnipeg appeared in the same sentence. On July 1 a reported $4,000 worth of costume jewelry worn by Susan Sarandon for a scene in the romantic comedy Shall We Dance?, also starring Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere, was stolen from the film’s Winnipeg, Canada, set. The following day the jewelry was discovered lying next to the mutilated body of Robin Robert Greene, 38, a street person, in a hotel room in downtown Winnipeg. Greene’s suspected killer turned himself in to police later that morning. “The theft of the jewelry that Ms. Sarandon wore on the film set and the murder case that followed the next day are two separate events,” says Winnipeg Constable Bob Johnson. “One has nothing to do with the other.” Police would not say if Greene was responsible for the theft or give a motive for the murder. Meanwhile, a rep for the movie, a remake of the 1996 Japanese film of the same title, says filming went on as scheduled.

Monkey Shines

On her current tour, Christina Aguilera stayed at a $1,450-per-night suite at the Hotel ZaZa in Dallas. It was there that she took a liking to a simian, falling in love with a monkey lamp perched on a desk. The smitten singer told a hotel staffer she wanted it and carried the fixture out at check-out time, asking a manager to add it to her bill. The hotel charged her $500 for the lamp, manufactured by Stylecraft in Mississippi.


with Serena Williams

Having conquered Wimbledon, tennis champ Serena Williams is now setting her sights on Hollywood. In a few weeks, Williams, 21, is set to film an episode of the Showtime series Street Time. (She will play a reformed gang member.) She is also scheduled to appear in the independent movie Beauty Shop. Scoop asked Williams why she wants to volley with the celeb set.

Acting? What’s up?

Actually, I’ve always been interested. I wanted to go to drama school—but obviously I couldn’t.

When did the bug bite?

When I was younger I used to write plays and act in them all the time. I’ve always loved acting.

Will any of your tennis skills help you?

I’m used to being in front of people and crowds. The whole atmosphere helps.

Who are your Hollywood role models?

I love the old movie stars, particularly Audrey Hepburn. They really had style.

How else do you prepare?

I’ve been taking acting lessons, and now that I’m preparing for a new role, they want me to change [acting] coaches.

Tennis keeps you so busy. Can you see a lot of films?

I go to the theater whenever I can. But I also carry a [portable DVD player] and watch movies all the time.

One last question: When you are at the movies, do you prefer popcorn or Jujubes?

I prefer Dots, actually.



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