September 08, 2003 12:00 PM

Moore, Merrier

Julianne Moore weds her director boyfriend, Bart Freundlich, in a cozy at-home ceremony with family, friends and four wedding cakes

With four Academy Award nominations but no Oscar to call her own, Julianne Moore is familiar with the “always a bridesmaid” phenomenon. But that’s just Hollywood. On Aug. 23 in New York City, Moore, 42, and her boyfriend of seven years, director Bart Freundlich, 33, tied the knot in the back-yard of their newly purchased Greenwich Village home, in a nondenominational ceremony performed by a family friend.

“Julianne looked beautiful, more beautiful than ever,” says Deborah Freundlich, mother of the groom. Family members wore flowers. Moore and Freundlich sported lilies of the valley as they cavorted with their son Caleb, 5, and daughter Liv, 1, who wore a head wreath of hydrangea buds and scabiosa, said florist Raquel Corvino.

Moore, who was previously married to actor John Gould Rubin, began dating Freundlich after meeting him during the filming of his 1997 movie The Myth of Fingerprints. For the ceremony she wore a lilac Prada gown, Prada shoes and earrings borrowed from a friend, actress Ellen Barkin. Barkin’s husband, Revlon chief Ron Perelman, and actors Billy Crudup and Peter Berg were among the 32 guests who feasted on filet mignon, salmon, gazpacho, vegetable tarts and tuna carpaccio prepared by Freundlich’s friends, chefs Josh Eden and Wylie Dufresne. Dessert included four wedding cakes—coconut, chocolate, vanilla and a layered vanilla-and-chocolate with a miniature bride, groom, boy and girl on top. “It really was a family affair,” says Eden.

Around 1 a.m., Moore, Freundlich and Caleb slipped into a Town Car (a sleeping Liv had departed earlier with a babysitter). The bride pronounced the evening a success. Said Moore: “I’m very happy.”

Stars Pitch In

Looking for your favorite stars? They’re probably in a pitch meeting—and not the kind involving a ponytailed studio exec. Hollywood’s finest have taken to the nation’s diamonds recently, throwing out ceremonial first pitches at major league parks around the country. Baseball officials say there’s no real reason for all the high-profile hurlers in the past few months, although—surprise!—many celebs who took to the mound were in the midst of publicity campaigns for their respective projects. Pitch, pitch, pitch…

Mark Your Calendars

Jennifer Lopez did not have her engagement ring on as she strolled in Polo Park, Winnipeg’s main mall, on Aug. 23 while on a break from filming Shall We Dance? But don’t read too much into it. According to sources, the wedding will take place sometime around the weekend of Sept. 13. Where? Although Hawaii and the couple’s Georgia estate have been mentioned as sites, the leading contender seems to be an area on the Southern California coast near Santa Barbara. As for speculation that the couple had secretly gotten hitched last weekend—rumors that began after Ben Affleck showed up to throw out the first pitch at a Red Sox game sporting a mysterious gold band (see above)—his rep insists there has been no ceremony and that Ben’s jewelry is not a wedding ring. Affleck did spend the weekend with another woman, however—his mother, Chris, at her home on Cape Cod.

Oompah for Arnold

So which celebs are on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s team? Jamie Lee Curtis, Dennis Miller, the Rock, Vivica A. Fox, James Caan, Jim Belushi, Tom Arnold and director Ivan Reitman are all backing the big guy, says his rep. Arnold can also count on the Schwarzenegger Connection, an oompah band from New York’s Catskills region. It features Arnold’s first cousin Karl Schwarzenegger and Karl’s son Arnold Richter, who changed his last name in 2001. Why? ” ‘Where are your muscles?’ I’ve only heard that one a million times.”

Toothsome Twosome

Is there no stopping the marketing juggernaut known as the Olsen twins? The duo, who have their own videos, dolls, clothing and books, will invade bathrooms this week with mary-kateandashley-branded Aquafresh toothpaste. It sells for $2.77. The tube pictures the twins, now 17, at age 13—to appeal to younger fans.

the smoking gun

Tax Man: Pay Up, ‘N Sync

Columbus, Ohio, is trying to reduce its deficit—albeit in a small way—by dunning four members of ‘N Sync for taxes the city alleges are way overdue. (The fifth member, Chris Kirkpatrick, paid on time.) The group owes about $4,250 in connection with performances in 2000 and 2001, according to city records. Columbus sent the initial bill and eight deficiency notices to the group, all of which went unanswered, then secured a legal judgment (which can be viewed on The band’s business manager now says the check is in the mail.


Kelly Rowland

She topped the music charts with Destiny’s Child and starred in a hit horror movie, Freddy vs. Jason. But the real claim to fame for Kelly Rowland, 22, may be her ability to eat what she likes and stay slim.

Not too many stars begin an interview asking for some peach cobbler.

I have a sweet tooth right now. I made a big pan of banana pudding at a friend’s house. It’s just calling my name.

Are you a good cook?

I’m learning. As a southern girl, you’ve got to learn how to cook.

Southern fried chicken?

It’s good. My macaroni and cheese is good.

How do you stay so slim?

Metabolism. I’ll say metabolism because I eat a lot of food. I love food. I love food.

Do you exercise?

With my dog Mocha, I’m all around the house. I have to run after her. Up and down the stairs. She’s a Yorkie.

Do you spoil her?

Oh, she’s spoiled rotten.

What kind of a teenager were you?

I was a very soft-spoken teenager. I didn’t really go out. I was just at home with the parents. Plus, Destiny’s Child has been around since we were 15, 16 years old. So we really didn’t get a big opportunity to be youngsters.

Do you regret that?

No, no, not at all. Because you know what? Every-thing was so worth it because of where I’m at today in my career. I’m so blessed.

We hear that Beyoncé tried to help you find a man. Is she setting you up on dates?

She tried to do that.

What happened?

She told me about this one guy, and I was like, “B, I’m gonna sit this one out. You know? I’m just gonna chill.” I felt like if it’s supposed to happen, then it’ll happen. God will send me somebody special whenever the timing is right. So I’m just patient.

Are you a picky woman?

I’m kinda picky.



Price: $3.75 million

Place; Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles

Specs: Retired tennis star’s home, anyone? Pete Sampras and his wife, actress Bridgette Wilson, have put this four-bedroom home on the market. (They purchased another residence in Beverly Hills last year.) The house boasts a pool and a media room. Bonus point: It was also once the home of musician Kenny G. As you might expect, “the [tennis] court is obviously good enough for a pro,” notes Loren Judd of the Westside Estate Agency.

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