July 07, 2003 12:00 PM

Kate Expectations

Kate Hudson‘s about to make Goldie Hawn a glamorous grandmother

Despite her seemingly eternal youth, Goldie Hawn recently conceded, “I would love to be a grandmother. I’m not pushing the matter, but it would be so much fun.” Well, it appears her daughter actress Kate Hudson is nothing if not dutiful. On June 19 the Alex & Emma star’s rep announced that Hudson, 24, and husband Chris Robinson, 36, the Black Crowes singer, are expecting a child early next year.

Although the family declines to elaborate on the pregnancy, Hudson has hinted at her motivation for becoming a young mom. “I want [children] early enough to really experience my parents young,” she told PEOPLE only three weeks ago. “I want my parents to be able to see my kids graduate from high school.” For now, though, the baby will be getting an in-the-womb education from Daddy’s rock and roll lifestyle. Hudson has said that she plans to go on the road with Chris when he begins a solo tour on July 7. And Hudson is taking care of her health during the pregnancy—she gave up caffeine and vowed to give up cigarettes. “I’m on a clean-out thing, kicking habits,” she says.

So, is this just the first of many children for the couple? “My husband wants a lot,” admits Hudson. “We’ll see once the first one happens. I have thought about adopting too. I want to experience all that stuff. I definitely want more than two kids. But if I’m tired after two…”

Early Starters

•At 24, Kate Hudson isn’t the only young mom in Hollywood today.

•R & B singer Brandy, 24, gave birth to daughter Sy’rai last June.

Reese Witherspoon, 27, has a 3-year-old daughter, Ava (and another baby due in December).

Postcard from the Edge, Love Sharon

The Osbournes without melodrama is like the Brady Bunch without kneesocks. Just this week the Prince of Darkness received a letter from a lawyer for Sheron Caesar Lutz—a 38-year-old singer-songwriter-guitarist from New York—demanding an out-of-court settlement based on claims that Ozzy fathered her 6-year-old son in 1996. “That’s ridiculous,” snaps the singer’s wife, Sharon, 50. “Ozzy had a vasectomy after Jack was born in 1985.” The rocker, currently on tour, denies that he had any connection with Lutz.

In other news: Kelly, 18, is “having a blast” in the U.K., where she kicked off her European tour on June 24 as Robbie Williams’s opening act. Jack, 17, meanwhile, is “doing well” post-rehab, says Sharon. “He is at home and working a program on an outpatient basis.” As for Mom? She’s preparing to host her new talk show, which debuts this fall. Says Sharon: “I’ve got a lot to talk about.”

Stealing the Sparkle off Lil’ Kim

So much for increased airport security. Hip-hop star Lil’ Kim had two signature pieces of bling bling—a white-and-yellow-diamond-encrusted “B” (for Queen B) necklace and a set of platinum and yellow-diamond dog tags—disappear at New York’s Kennedy Airport on June 20. The showpieces, worth about $250,000, had been stored in a Louis Vuitton bag that, her lawyer says, was mistakenly checked with Kim’s and her entourage’s other luggage. When the bag was recovered, it “was clear that it had been tampered with,” says her attorney Mel Sachs, who adds that “everything is being fingerprinted.” Says Sachs: “Kim is distraught. The jewelry has sentimental value.”

Buzz of the Week

Sex and the City’s Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is falling in love with her TiVo, the digital video recorder. Can you blame her?


•Remembers your favorite shows

•Skips annoying commercials

•Updates itself daily


•Forgets your anniversary

•Skips the gym

•Still listens to Foreigner

The Eminem Show

Call it cruel. Call it tasteless. But first, try to stop laughing. While in Glasgow on his Anger Management tour, Eminem paid an odd homage to the King of Pop. Donning a mask, the rapper appeared on his hotel balcony June 24 and dangled a baby doll over the railing in an unmistakable parody of Michael Jackson’s now infamous baby-dangling incident.

One thing the rapper won’t admit to mimicking is Jackson’s extravagant shopping habits. When Britain’s Mirror reported recently that Eminem dropped about $800,000 on jewelry, clothes and toys for his daughter Hailie, 7, the star denied it. “I would never spend that much,” Eminem, 30, told a London concert crowd. He did, however, shell out a pretty penny earlier this year for an Oakland Township, Mich., home, once owned by ex-Kmart CEO Charles Conaway, that was listed for $5.8 million. The six-bedroom mansion sits on six acres and boasts a waterfall, pool, tennis courts, spa, entertainment cabana, guest house and private pond. Never say Neverland.

Luther: Getting Better

The recovery of Luther Vandross from an April 16 stroke gets more remarkable by the day. “He is talking,” says his publicist Lois Najarian. On June 16 the multiple-Grammy winner checked out of the Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City and entered a local rehabilitation center. Although doctors expect a long road to rehabilitation ahead, a tracheotomy tube, inserted in his throat while he battled meningitis and pneumonia, has been removed. And since the singer first responded to family June 2 after six weeks in a coma, Vandross, 52, “certainly has an idea that something good’s happening,” says Najarian. That might include word that his new CD, Dance with My Father, made its debut at No. 1 on the June 28 Billboard charts, selling 442,000 copies, although a friend says Vandross lacks “a sense of clarity” about that news.


with Michael J. Fox

The paperback version of Lucky Man, Michael J. Fox’s chronicle of his life in show business and his battle against Parkinson’s disease, hit bookstores recently. Scoop asked the 42-year-old actor how his life has changed since the book first came out a year ago.

How’s your health?

I have a harder time walking distances. There’s an effect, dyskinesia, that comes from the medication. Your brain is telling you to do all this superfluous stuff that you really don’t need to be doing. In your mind you’re, “Step there,” and your leg is like, “Okay, but I want to go over here and around there.” It makes walking kind of a rolling, strange process.

Does it ever let up?

It’s that whole Jekyll and Hyde thing. Sometimes you’re fine, sometimes you’re completely not functional.

Any smaller changes?

I have so little vanity now, ’cause I know I look absolutely goofy a lot of the time. I know when I’m talking I’m rolling and rocking and my head’s going all over the place. So you just let that go. It’s just life.

You remain active: raising a family, lobbying for medical research, even producing a pilot for a new sitcom. Do you still get out on the ice?

I played hockey quite a bit last year, actually. And I do yoga, which I’ve gotten into.

Do you want to act again?

It’s funny. When I wrote the pilot [Hench at Home, about a retired hockey player, was not picked up by ABC], the one thing in that process that I didn’t miss was the acting. At all.

So how do you keep such a positive attitude?

My children, my wife, my friends, my experiences, my capacity to still be amazed and awed by the things that happen in the world, my curiosity and my desire to learn about things, the fact that I laugh harder now than I’ve ever laughed before because I’ve learned the value of that—that’s priceless.



Got $15 million? Long for a house with nine bathrooms? Give Lenny Kravitz a call. That’s the asking price for the rocker’s 11,919-sq.-ft. Miami Beach mansion, described as an “Andalusian Mediterranean estate,” on exclusive Sunset Islands. Along with all that plumbing, there’s also a meditation den, an 800-sq.-ft gym, pool, boat dock, three-car garage, nine bedrooms, gardens and a computerized security system that can be operated from anywhere in the world. Kravitz, 39, bought the waterfront property in 2001 for $8,950,000.

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