March 10, 2003 12:00 PM

Missing Ink

You’re out of my life, but I’ve still got you under my skin: Angelina Jolie and other celebs say ta-ta to outdated tats

Love hurts. Particularly when it’s over, and it’s time to scrape your old sweetheart’s name from your yoga-toned arm. Such was the plight of Angelina Jolie, 27, who is divorcing actor Billy Bob Thornton and looking to forget. At first Jolie partially covered the bold “Billy Bob” tattoo on her left shoulder with a Band-Aid. But at last week’s BAFTA Awards in London, Jolie showed off a new look that asked the dermatological question: “What about Billy Bob?”

Jolie wouldn’t talk about the specifics of her wipeout. One permanent option involves blasting the ink away with lasers. “You initially get kind of a burned effect—like you bumped into a hot pan,” says Nathan Rainwater, an artist at the Sunset Strip Tattoo parlor in L.A. And depending on your pigmentation, “you [might] end up with a lighter spot.” To say nothing of the teeth-gritting. Says Rainwater: “People say it hurts 10 times worse than the tattoo.” UCLA dermatology professor Dr. David Duffy estimates Jolie’s tattoo might take between 2 and 10 sessions to remove and cost as much as $10,000. Other tattoo-removal experts put the price between $350 to $600 a session.

Which may be why some celebs opt for a more creative fix. Ben Affleck covered his high school sweetheart’s name with a dolphin tattoo. Drew Barrymore had an ex-fiancé’s name blacked out from her lower back. And Johnny Depp famously changed Winona Forever to Wino Forever after splitting from Winona Ryder. Still, stars remain suckers for a tattoo needle. Tommy Lee had fiancée Mayte’s lip prints inked onto his neck; Charlie Sheen sports bride Denise Richards‘s name on his wrist. Say it with flowers? Not while there’s ink available.

Gwyneth: Domestic Goddess?

Rumors, be gone! Gwyneth Paltrow, 30, and her boyfriend Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, 26, are more together than ever. Need a sign? Paltrow recently visited Martin’s parents in Devon, England. “She did help me with the dishes,” his mum, Alison, told the Sunday Mirror. Paltrow was at a British music show on Feb. 20 when Coldplay won an award. Three days later in New York City, at a Grammy soiree at Madison Square Garden Theater, Coldplay played a 35-minute set, during which a rapt Paltrow sang along with her hands clasped. When Martin introduced one tune as “a great song to kiss to,” she beamed and giggled with her pals. During the last song she danced down the aisle. So is it love? Scoop defers to Martin’s mum. “Chris,” she said, “is very happy.”

Oscar’s Toon Up

What will Minnie say? Come Oscar night, we hear, Jennifer Garner will join an animated Mickey Mouse to present the Oscar for best animated short film and best live-action short, while her red-carpet partner will be hubby Scott Foley. What’s Garner wearing? She’s still shopping, but it won’t be a polka-dot dress and white gloves.

Does He Do Bar Mitzvahs?

When financier Ralph Whitworth introduced the surprise band at wife Wendy’s 50th-birthday bash on Feb. 22 in San Diego, “her jaw hit the floor,” says one onlooker. Paul McCartney walked onstage for his first paid private concert and crooned 19 songs to the stunned crowd. “It was a win-win show,” said McCartney, 60, who donated his $1 million fee to a landmine-clearing charity headed by his wife, Heather Mills. (Clearly on an activist bent, this week McCartney also denounced the sport of hare racing as “barbaric”) Mills, meanwhile, is seeking a bit more generosity from the public—especially when it concerns her relationship with Paul’s children. Mills, 35, told the BBC TV, “There are always problems with stepmothers: Think Cinderella.”

When Home is Less Than Swank

Casting for a Money Pit remake? Try Oscar-winner Hilary Swank and her husband, Chad Lowe. In December 2000 the couple signed a $7,000-a-month lease on a 2,500-sq.-ft. New York City duplex, with the understanding that significant improvements would be made. Soon after, the landlord set to work, renovating the kitchen, removing a skylight and adding a rooftop gazebo-style room. Yet when kitchen fixtures didn’t arrive until 2002 and delays in the gazebo’s construction left a gaping hole in the roof for more than a year, the exasperated couple moved out. But not without a fight. In October their landlord filed suit for $36,400 in unpaid rent. Although Swank and Lowe won an abatement after arguing that the apartment was largely uninhabitable, they were ordered to pay $21,170. Still, the pair isn’t looking back. “The dispute was resolved,” Lowe said, “and now we’re happily ensconced in a new home.”

Anybody Here Seen Kelly?

Guess the members of Korn never watched The Osbournes. After all, anyone who’s seen the MTV reality show would have known better than to mess with Kelly. Yet, according to guests of a late-night, Grammy-weekend party at Manhattan’s Wye Bar, one of the Korn rockers—bystanders couldn’t say which one—said or did something that annoyed the newly single Osbourne. Eyewitnesses say a friend of Kelly’s then shoved the offender away, sparking a brawl. Security quickly escorted the parties out of the nightclub. Although Osbourne’s camp wouldn’t give details, a rep for Korn claims the band was not involved. “They were just sitting there when glasses started flying,” she says.

Not-So-Thin Theron

How did willowy Charlize Theron, 27, pack on 30 lbs. to play serial kilter Aileen Wuornos in the upcoming feature Monster? Simple. “Basically,” says her rep, “she ate whatever she damn well pleased for a couple of months.”


with Sean Astin

The Lord of the Rings star Sean Astin, 32, visited the White House recently to join the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, a 25-member group that will encourage volunteerism in all 50 states and, perhaps, Middle Earth. Scoop inquired about the gig.

How were you picked?

I was at a memorial service for 9/11 at the Pentagon [last year], sitting next to a lady who worked in the White House Personnel Office. She said the President was about to announce a panel on service and asked if I’d be interested. I said, “I’m a Democrat!” She said, “It’s bipartisan.” No problem; I’m proud to serve.

What happened next?

In January I had a meeting in the White House. It was pretty cool sitting opposite former Sens. Bob Dole and John Glenn and [former Washington Redskin] Darrell Green.

Did you get any souvenirs from the White House?

The service pin they gave us to wear. I got some White House M&Ms, but I can’t find them. A menu from the White House mess.

So how are you going to get people to volunteer?

President Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Just remind people of that.

What will you do?

My daughter, wife and I are trying to figure out something we can do together. Maybe work at a soup kitchen.

Do you recall the first time that you volunteered?

My mom and dad [Patty Duke and John Astin] would host a New York portion of the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon. I was about 7. My brothers and I would answer phones and take pledges, do pitches for people to send money.

Would you consider The Lord of the Rings’s Samwise Gamgee a volunteer for saving Middle Earth?




Care to improve your game on a tennis court owned by world-champion players? It’ll cost you. Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf are selling their sprawling Roundhill Estate in Tiburon, Calif., for $24.5 million. (The couple also has homes in Las Vegas, Florida and Germany.) The villa, on 3.5 acres, resembles a five-star hotel more than a family home. It includes a 10,500-sq.-ft. main house, views of the Golden Gate Bridge, an Olympic-size pool, a spa, a waterfall, a six-car garage, separate staff offices, a theater and, as mentioned, a tennis court fit for a pro.

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