January 27, 2003 12:00 PM

GQ Fakes Kate

British GQ puts Kate Winslet on a digital diet, and she’s a little alarmed

When the U.K. edition of February’s GQ hit the stands bearing a picture of a suddenly svelte Kate Winslet on the cover, many were shocked—not least of all Winslet. “I do not look like that,” the actress, 27, told the Daily Mail. “And, more importantly, I don’t desire to look like that.” Although the curvy 5’8″ Winslet looked slimmed down at last year’s Oscars, she recognizes that digital retouching is responsible for her diminutive GQ bod. “They’ve reduced the size of my legs by about a third,” she said. GQ editor Dylan Jones told Britain’s Daily Telegraph, “Everything is done with the star’s approval.” Yet Winslet, who says she saw the unedited photos, is sticking to her guns—and her buns. “All I know,” she told GQ, “from the men I’ve spoken to is that they like girls to have a [behind] on them. I’m not a sex symbol who doesn’t eat.”

A Tribe Has Spoken: Pay Up!

After being warmly received by the indigenous Maori community upon his arrival in New Zealand to film The Last Samurai Jan. 11, Tom Cruise thanked them in their native tongue. Of late, however, a few no longer speak the same language. Certain Maori tribe members have demanded compensation from the studio, Warner Brothers, claiming film crews desecrated ancient battle grounds and used images of their sacred Mount Taranaki without permission. They would like some of the $43 million being pumped into New Zealand by the production. But Wharehoka Wano, a liaison officer for the local tribes, says the dissidents are in the minority, noting, “We are about promoting our region, not demanding handouts.”

Pamela and Tommy Settle at Last

Rock and roll’s version of Kramer vs. Kramer is finally over. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee have settled this bitter battle that began in 2001 after Anderson, 35, sought full custody of sons Brandon, 6, and Dylan, 5. Lee, 40, fought back and claimed his ex-wife had launched “a negative media campaign” against him after Anderson accused Lee of infecting her with hepatitis C via a shared tattoo needle; he denied the charge. Lee also said Anderson’s judgment was impaired, citing her objections to his showing videos of the Sept. 11 attacks to their sons. Although a source close to the former MÖtley Crüe drummer confirmed a settlement, Lee and Anderson declined to give details. The agreement reportedly allows Anderson and the kids to move to Detroit (her fiancé, Kid Rock, resides there) and gives Lee more visitation time.

Who Grant?

Yes, Hugh Grant has a lot going for him: good looks, wit, charm, money, ridiculously good hair, beautiful women hurling themselves at him. But the latest British Who’s Who contains a curious factoid that should cheer up envious men everywhere: One of Hugh Grant’s middle names is…Mungo? That’s right: He’s officially Hugh John Mungo Grant. So what’s a Mungo? Grant, 42, isn’t too chatty on the topic, but Scoop uncovered that St. Mungo was the patron saint of Glasgow. In Gaelic, Grant’s middle name means “dearest friend.”

Moore Rings In the New Year

She has been with director Bart Freundlich for 6½ years and had two children with him, but Julianne Moore seems every bit as giddy as any bride-to-be. The Far from Heaven star, 42, is particularly proud of her wideband platinum engagement ring bearing two names spelled out in diamonds. “Look how beautiful it is,” she said at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards. “Bart designed it himself. It has my son’s name [Caleb] on it and my daughter’s name [Liv] on it. He said that it’s because the children came first, so they should be on it.” So when’s the big day? Not before the Sundance Film Festival, she told some reporters; not before the Oscars, she told another. “I haven’t even picked out a dress yet.”

Hollywood Casting Call

It looks like the dream lineup for a new Fox reality series—Celebrity Three-Legged Races! Or maybe an ER-inspired fashion statement. But the latest seeming Hollywood trend actually owes its existence to a dance-related injury (Brady), a basketball mishap (Clooney), a spider bite (Jackson). And, perhaps, an unruly cyborg or two (Schwarzenegger)?

Fergie‘s Royal Blow-off

Sarah Ferguson may have called her love life “a desert” in a recent interview on Larry King Live, but make no mistake: The Duchess of York has standards. So when James Hewitt, 44, the former British Army officer who had an affair with Princess Diana and has offered up 64 of her love letters for $16 million, invited the duchess out for a drink in L.A., she rejected him—on national television. “Just before I came on this show,” Fergie, 43, told King on Jan. 7, “[Hewitt] called up and said would I like to have a drink with him. The answer is no, James, I don’t want to have a drink with you.” She added that his selling of Di’s letters was “the most horrible, disloyal thing you can do.” Hewitt, on King’s show the next night, shrugged off the royal rebuff. “I thought it was only good manners,” he said, “since we’re in the same city abroad.” Besides, who needs Fergie when it looks like you’ve got a machismo-enhancing new job? Hewitt’s attorney says the former major, a Gulf War vet, has signed on to become a Fox News analyst reporting from the Gulf region. (A rep for the cable news network says, “Mr. Hewitt’s status is uncertain at this time.”) On your toes, Geraldo.


with Steven Spielberg

Sure, he’s been a director, a producer, even an actor (remember Gold-member?). Now, finally, Steven Spielberg is a star. On Jan. 10 Hollywood’s multi-hyphenated mogul received his plaque on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Scoop caught up with the 56-year-old director as he entered the firmament.

Mr. Spielberg, you’re part of the sidewalk now.

This is surreal. Getting a star makes you feel like part of a community, from Thomas Edison to Rin Tin Tin to Mike Myers.

Was the ceremony what you expected?

I thought there would be about 20, 25 people. This is really intimidating. It’s like getting a key to the city in front of 2,000 people.

Do you remember walking down this street when you were younger?

When I first came to L.A., I came here. The first name I stopped at was Alfred Hitchcock. I remember thinking the boulevard is our only museum that celebrates not just cinema but radio, music, television and all the performing arts. It’s nice to be an old relic in a relatively new museum.

Would you like to see any of your characters, like ET, recognized with a star?

I think it would be great if they gave Jaws a star. All they’d need to do is have a huge bite mark in the cement. You’d have to put a fence around it for liability reasons.

Your wife, Kate Capshaw, thought you already had a star.

So did the people who give the stars out. That’s probably why the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce didn’t approach me until last year. And I was always too embarrassed to ask. Never did I call anybody and say, “When am I getting my star?” I would have waited another 10 years before I made the phone call.

And after the 10 years?

Well, I wouldn’t have waited 11.



What would Bugsy Siegel think? A Mafia princess is pulling up stakes in Vegas after a brief stay. Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Meadow on The Sopranos) is seeking $499,900 for a two-bedroom Las Vegas house she bought in November 2001 for $467,500. Sigler, 21, is also selling all her home furnishings—estimated at $250,000—separately. Set to wed manager A.J. Discala, 31, in July, the actress should have a nice wedding stash with the proceeds. Bada-ching!

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