August 19, 2002 12:00 PM

Family Drama

Startled by his TV plea, Angelina Jolie responds to her dad, Jon Voight


On Aug.1 a teary Jon Voight appeared on Access Hollywood and pleaded for his estranged daughter Angelina Jolie to seek help for her “serious mental problems,” Talking to Access‘ Pat O’Brien, Voight 63, went public with his concerns after making efforts to get her help. “I’m a desperate father,” Voight told PEOPLE. “I’m trying to reach her. I just pray to God she hears me.”

That she did. Contacted in London, where she is preparing to film the Tomb Raider sequel, Jolie, 27, was livid. “It’s horrible,” says the actress. “This whole thing with my father—I don’t want to make it more than it is It doesn’t make any sense.” Jolie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, 52, sides with the actress. “I’m shocked,” says Bertrand, who was divorced from Voight when Jolie was an infant. “There’s nothing wrong with Angelina’s mental health. Mentally and physically, she is magnificently healthy.”

Voight told O’Brien he had felt Jolie’s marriage to Billy Bob Thornton, 47, would fail and that he was concerned for Maddox, the Cambodian infant Jolie adopted last March. But both Jolie and her mom say Maddox is flourishing. “I’m trying to be with Maddox as much as possible,” says Jolie, who threw her son a small first-birthday party on Aug. 5. Bertrand adds, “Maddox was very happy playing with his birthday cake. But he was only interested in eating his broccoli.” While Jolie has been through a tough stretch, Bertrand says she has rebounded strongly. Says Bertrand: “Over the next few months people will see how strong and beautiful and healthy she is.”

Hawking His Feminine Side

It’s a secure man who can lament the pains of a “growing uterus,” as Ethan Hawke did at a reading to promote his new novel, Ash Wednesday. In New York City last month, Hawke, 31, acted out a chapter written in the voice of a pregnant woman. But his maternal instinct has limits. At an Aug. 2 book signing in Austin, Texas, a fan asked Hawke—who has a daughter, Maya, 4, and a son, Roan, 7 months, with wife Uma Thurman, 32—how he finds time to write. “I try to get out of the house before my kids wake up,” he joked. “If I stiff [Uma] for a few hours, I can get a lot done.”

How now, down Dow?

This summer’s Wall Street turbulence has forced everyone to reevaluate market strategies—even celebrities. Will & Grace‘s Eric McCormack, 39, says that he and his wife, Janet, resisted facetious advice from friends to put their money into some unorthodox investments (one suggestion: latex masks). “We’re very conservative,” says McCormack. “We invest like 74-year-olds.” Comedian Wayne Brady (Whose Line Is It Anyway?) has fled the ups and downs of the market for a more grounded approach: “I used to watch the ticker, but now I don’t have the stomach for it. I invest in real estate.” Fred Savage, 26, currently the Mole in Austin Powers in Goldmember, says he’s just going to bear it in the hope that “maybe in, like, 30 years, I’ll make my money back.” Former NYPD Blue star Sharon Lawrence, 41, follows her parents’ advice: “You have time to ride it out, although it may take till 2011 to come back.”

Meanwhile the bumpy Dow has taken its toll across the pond. Philip Beresford, author of The Book of the British Rich, estimated that Paul McCartney has lost about $84.5 million in stocks, Sting nearly $14.5 million and Phil Collins almost $14 million.

Annie Get Your Gum

If you felt a little unsettled after watching the Aug. 4 premiere of The Anna Nicole Show, El’s supremely bizarre new reality half-hour, wait till you hear what was on the menu for Anna Nicole Smith‘s private viewing party that night. Along with son Daniel, I6, attorney Howard K. Stern and assistant Kim Walther at the L.A. hot spot Forty Deuce, Smith, 34, chowed down on deep-fried pickles, barbecued ribs, bubble gum and a cold Budweiser.

Of course, Smith had reason to celebrate. The premiere, which featured Smith looking addled while shopping for a house, drew more than 4 million households, huge for the E! network. “I was like, ‘Oh my God! I look stoned out of my mind,'” says Smith. Was she? “No! I just have this lazy talk, this Texas slang thing.” Still, she adds, “as long as ratings stay high, they can laugh all they want.”

Boys Faces Miami Heat

Some folks in Miami think Bad Boys 2 could be a better neighbor. The makers of the film, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, have irked residents by land and by sea. Last month, after Florida’s wildlife commission denied a waiver to shoot a high-speed boat chase in the Miami River—home to endangered manatees—a producer took the case to Gov. Jeb Bush. After the crew changed the route and showed potential losses, the decision was reversed. Within a week commuters were outraged when, for four days, filming shut down the MacArthur Causeway, which carries upwards of 80,000 cars a day from Miami to Miami Beach. One angry letter to The Miami Herald accused city officials of being “blinded by Hollywood lights.” Officials have said Bad Boys will pump about $20 million into the area. That could buy a lot of sunglasses.

Ed’s Nice Guy Takes a Wrong Turn

On the night of July 31, actor Josh Randall found himself a long way from Stuckeyville. New York City police arrested Randall, 30, who plays Dr. Mike Burton on NBC’s Ed, for allegedly smoking crack cocaine with a homeless man near the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Charged with two counts of criminal possession, he faces up to a year in jail.

But Randall’s attorney, Kenneth Glassman, says the pins don’t line up. “The so-called substance was taken from a third party, not Josh,” says Glassman, and police refused Randall’s offer to take drug and polygraph tests. “Josh, who is not a New Yorker, was taking a walk in Brooklyn and got lost,” according to Glassman. “He asked a homeless man for directions to the bus…and gave him $20, at which point he was arrested.” A court date is set for Sept. 9.


with Joy Behar

The View‘s Joy Behar hosts a five-part series on relationships, Love, Hate & Joy, Aug. 11-15 on the ABC Family channel. Scoop spoke with Behar, 59, to find out what she knows.

Will you draw from your own experiences?

I’m going to have to. I’m not afraid to tell things—without hurting anybody’s feelings.

What was your worst date ever?

In college, my girlfriend and I went with these two guys; we had them laughing so hard they were falling on the floor.

What’s so bad about that?

The guys never called us. Never picked up the phone. That’s when I realized: Being funny is not the same as getting the date to call back.

Whoopi Goldberg says funny women intimidate men.

Certainly my boyfriend [Steve Janowitz] is not intimidated; neither was my former husband.

U.S. divorce rates are roughly 50 percent. Is marriage obsolete?

Once the sexual revolution took hold, people really didn’t have to buy the cow to get the milk. And girls today are like the dairy barn. So guys don’t feel the necessity to get married. And the girls don’t either.

So why do they?

If it wasn’t for that damn biological clock, girls would be as reluctant to marry as guys.

What’s the key to making a marriage work?

Besides separate houses? A housekeeper is number one. When I was married, we used to have fights over [housework] all the time.

Anything else?

Separate money.

What ruins a marriage?

Another woman. Look at Donald Trump. Another woman. Rudy Giuliani? Another woman.

How is working solo different from The View?

It’s weird not to be interrupted.


Luther’s Lair

Urbane R&B singer Luther Vandross, 51, has sold his four-bedroom New York City condominium for approximately $4.5 million. Built in 1925, the four-time Grammy winner’s building at 610 Park Avenue was known as the Mayfair Hotel until Donald Trump converted it into condos in 1998. Vandross’s former residence features 4½ baths, an eat-in kitchen, maid’s quarters and more than 3,000 sq. ft. of space.

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