By People Staff
February 18, 2002 12:00 PM

Bashful Brides

After ‘I do,’ Shannen Doherty and Brandy kept mum about their secret services


If a celebrity says “I do” and no publicist is around to issue a press release, is it really a Hollywood wedding? That’s the question facing Shannen Doherty and Brandy, who each recently married on the QT. After enjoying a rare six-month hiatus from tabloid headlines, Doherty, 30, quietly wed super-middleweight boxer Richard Salomon, 33, on Jan. 26 in Las Vegas, some six months subsequent to their first meeting. Following three broken engagements and a five-month marriage in 1993 to actor Ashley Hamilton, Doherty, say pals, is due for a happy ending. “My bet,” says her lawyer Trent Copeland, “is that this one is going to work out.”

Brandy managed to keep her marriage secret even longer. Having repeatedly denied rumors that she was engaged to 22-year-old music producer Robert Smith (who has worked with Michael Jackson and the Spice Girls), the singer, who turns 23 on Feb. 11, finally announced Jan. 30 that the pair had tied the knot last summer. “I couldn’t be happier,” said Brandy, who declined to explain why she wasn’t happy-enough to share her joy sooner (perhaps not coincidentally, her next album, Full Moon, comes out on March 5). Why the hush-hush nuptials, which surprised even her closest associates? As Brandy told Sister2Sister magazine earlier this year, talking about marriage without letting it slip that she spoke from firsthand experience, “I just think if you’re in love you should get married or it’s like a waste of time if you don’t.”

Jordan Divorce: No Slam Dunk

Comeback kid Michael Jordan, 38, appears to have returned to the marriage game. Citing an attempt at reconciliation, the unretiring basketball icon’s wife, Juanita Jordan, 42, withdrew her Jan. 4 divorce petition earlier this week. “Michael really did a hard sell to try and keep her,” a friend of Juanita’s told Chicago Sun-Times columnist Bill Zwecker. “This was about winning, and, as we all know, Michael hates to lose.”

The former Chicago Bull and current Washington Wizard stood to forfeit custody of the couple’s three children; possession of the family’s 25,000-sq.-ft. mansion in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park; a sizable chunk of his estimated $400 million net worth; and his Teflon image. The divorce filing, says Juanita’s friend Chicago reporter Stella Foster, “got his attention. I think it was her way of saying, ‘I’m not going to just sit back and keep dealing with all the rumors and not address them.'”

Minute Man

A few sips into his morning cup of coffee on Jan. 26, 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft noticed a disturbance marring the typically serene panorama outside his Sag Harbor, N.Y., oceanfront home. A car “was buried halfway to its tires in the sand,” recalls Kroft, 56, who peered through a telescope to get a better view. “I looked out, and the engine had overheated and blown. There were huge clouds of smoke coming out; the tires were on fire.”

Kroft called 911 and raced out to the beach to assist the driver, who was barely conscious. By then, “the car was filled with reddish-brown smoke,” Kroft says. “I opened the passenger-side door and saw an arm. It was an old lady, and I pulled her out.” In the next 30 seconds, says Kroft, “the whole car burned to metal.”

The lucky driver was 76-year-old New jersey resident Edna Stevens, whose family had reported her missing 24 hours earlier. (Stevens, taken to a nearby hospital, could not be reached for comment.) “She was a diabetic who had probably forgotten to take her medicine [which can cause confusion],” says Kroft. Stevens didn’t recognize him, he adds. Sgt. Robert Flood of the Southampton Police Department spoke highly of Kroft’s action. “He did a very brave thing,” says Flood. “Were it not for him taking interest, it would have been a sadder story.”

Ryder’s Case: A Puff of Smoke?

Winona Ryder, 30, pled not guilty on Feb. 5 to felony charges stemming from an alleged shoplifting incident. So how will she defend herself? Her smoking habit may provide a clue. A source close to the actress, arrested on Dec. 12 for allegedly stealing $4,760 worth of merchandise at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, says one possible scenario involves Ryder telling the court that she simply stepped outside for a cigarette without paying for the goods and intended to make her purchases upon her return. A new hearing is scheduled for March 11. Ryder remains free on $20,000 bail.

Return to Sender

Since his baby left him, Nicolas Cage seems to have avoided a stay in Heartbreak Hotel. In fact, say reps for both Cage, 38, and former girlfriend Lisa Marie Presley, 34, the two plan to remain friends. Neither gave a reason for their split after 10 months of dating, although a source says Presley walked out on Cage.

So where does an Elvis buff turn for comfort after getting dumped by the King’s daughter? Super Bowl weekend found Cage partying in New Orleans, where he recently filmed his directorial debut, Sonny. Presley has been spending time in Florida, working on her long-long-long-awaited first album.

Lights, Camera, Auction!

“I am a pack rat,” says actress Debbie Reynolds, explaining the decades’ worth of clutter that stuffs her Hollywood closets. So Reynolds, 69, is holding an online auction at Sotheby’s, hawking everything from the wedding band first husband Eddie Fisher gave her (sold with a note from Reynolds that reads, “Eddie then went down the Nile with Elizabeth Taylor”) to Star Wars memorabilia courtesy of her daughter Carrie Fisher.

“I have made very poor choices in men,” says Reynolds, whose marriages to Fisher, shoe magnate Harry Karl and developer Richard Hamlett ended in divorce. “I lose the houses but somehow keep all the interiors.” Proceeds go to a museum showcasing Reynolds’s collection of movie mementos, set to open this year. Still, won’t parting with personal treasures be difficult? Please, says Reynolds, “I could have 20 more auctions and not miss anything.”

Up for bid: a Star Wars souvenir (estimate: $6,000), brush ($400) and jai alai baskets ($200).

For Quinn, Reality Bites

The reality portrayed in the HBO documentary Project Greenlight, the story of a director making his first film, did not mirror the reality actor Aidan Quinn, 42, saw on the set. What’s more, he thought it made him look like a hothead. So he fired off a two-page e-mail to the producers. “I was so hurt,” says Quinn. “The TV show was so heinous.” Quinn believes the show distorted his interactions with fellow actor Kevin Pollack and director Pete Jones. As for Stolen Summer, the real movie at the center of the documentary, Quinn believes it’ll be well-received, “even if people think I’m a jerk.”


with Paul McCartney

Prior to Super Bowl XXXVI in New Orleans, a lad from Liverpool led the cheers celebrating American liberties with the song “Freedom,” his post-Sept. 11 ballad. But how much did Paul McCartney, 59, really know about the match to follow? Scoop inquired.

As a vegetarian, how do you get around eating hot dogs at the game?

[chuckles] I normally don’t eat at the games. If I do, I’ll have a beer or something and some pretzels. That’s American enough for me!

Did you place any bets?

No, I don’t really know enough about it.

How long have you followed the sport?

I’ve been watching it for a long time, on TV mainly. I’ve only been to one game—a college game in Arizona.

Was it easy to learn?

I didn’t understand the game at first, being from England. I was like…why are they all running around? Linda [McCartney, his late wife] said, “No, just watch the quarterback. See? He’s throwing the pass.” The minute I had that bit of advice, I thought, Okay, I get it.

You were also a big hit at the World Series in New York.

I loved the people at that game. It was the day after the Madison Square Garden concert where I introduced “Freedom.” I went to the restroom halfway through, and a lot of guys in the crowd were yelling out, “Hey, Paul, [singing] FREEDOM!” It was great. That is what I hoped to do.

Which was…?

To make a simple song to raise people’s spirits at that terrible time.

Why have you taken the events of 9/11 to heart?

This is not just a sort of political debate. This atrocious act actually threatens the one thing Americans hold dear, which is liberty.

How has New York City responded to your support?

I get stopped in the street a lot, people saying, “Hey, Paul, thanks for what you’re doing for the city.” And I say, “It’s my privilege.”



Glamor couple David Bowie, 55, and Iman, 46, are ready for some ch-ch-changes. The singer and the supermodel emeritus recently sold their 1,800-sq.-ft. apartment overlooking New York City’s Central Park for slightly more than $1.7 million (down from the $2.5 million asking price). The three-bedroom, three-bath residence in the Essex House comes fully furnished and features French and oriental decor, including gilded furniture, velvet fabrics and Aubusson rugs, notes Cecilia Serrano of Ashforth Warburg real estate. It also has a mirrored dressing room fit for a rock star.