Sandra Bullock: 'There's So Much Love Here'

Sandra Bullock is tired of hearing only bad news. “No one ever talks about the good,” she says. “If you are ever wondering about how good life is and can be, you can come to Warren Easton.” The actress, 49, adopted the public charter high school in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. Bullock’s donations have helped rebuild the historic campus, fund scholarships for graduates, pay for athletic equipment and band uniforms and open a health clinic. “These kids have been working a couple of jobs, some come from hard places, but every time they walk under that roof, they know they’re cared for,” she says. “They’re admired for what they can bring to the table.” As principal Alexina Medley puts it, “When you come to Easton, you become part of the family.” New grads such as Theron Cooper, 17, an honor student headed to LSU next fall to study chemical engineering, credit the school’s “amazing,” demanding teachers. “You don’t have easy days at Easton. They are going to get the best out of you.” Which is exactly what gives Bullock peace of mind. “When I’m all old and crusty, I know someone is going to be fixing things,” she adds. “I’m just so happy that we’re leaving the planet in good hands.”

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