March 29, 1999 12:00 PM

Fancy Footwork

On tour in Buenos Aires this month, Prince Charles found he was not universally welcome: Near the hotel where he and Argentine President Carlos Menem were speaking on March 9, flag-burning protesters gathered to denounce Britain’s sovereignty over the nearby Falkland Islands.

In the eyes of at least one local, though, Prince “Carlos” (Spanish for Charles) made all the right moves. After a presidential dinner at the Alvear Palace Hotel, choreographer Adriana Vasile asked His Royal Highness to tango. “I was surprised by how he took to it,” says Vasile, 33. “Carlos led me—he was like a bullfighter! We had fun.”


On a weeklong break from Eton this month, the usually reclusive Prince William didn’t settle for quiet nights at St. James’s Palace. On March 3, he accompanied some Eton pals to a stage version of Saturday Night Fever; several days earlier he spent an evening at Chelsea’s Foxtrot Oscar restaurant and trendy K-Bar (where he stuck to soft drinks) with Camilla Parker Bowles’s children Tom, 24, and Laura, 20, and their cousin Emma, 22. “When he isn’t at school, he goes out,” says James Whitaker, a columnist for The Mirror. “It’s normal for a 16-year-old.”

So is falling in love. And after the Foxtrot Oscar evening, the tabloid The Sunday People claimed William had done just that, reporting that His Dreaminess “gazed adoringly” at Emma. But William’s fans needn’t worry. According to the eatery’s owner Michael Proud-lock, the report is “absolute rubbish.”

Baring It All

Talk about premarital stress. Since announcing her engagement on Jan. 6 to Prince Edward, 35, Sophie Rhys-Jones, 34, has endured press speculation about the designer of her wedding gown (bets are on Tomasz Starzewski), rumblings that the dress is too voluminous to fit through the vestry door at St. George’s Chapel and the revelation in the press that Camilla Parker Bowles was left off the guest list for the June 19 fete for fear of upsetting the Queen.

Edward’s intended can count herself lucky, at least, that Windsor wives who preceded her set the scandal bar so high. After nine-year-old photos of her topless surfaced in the tabloid News of the World this month, a Palace source had only this to say: “Like anybody else, Sophie has led a full and active life.”